How To Repair a Bare Patch on a Lawn

A green lawn provides a relaxing view, and having a bare patch that looks like a balding spot is not attractive. The bare patch may be covered with another set of grass, but to make sure it does not become bare again, follow these steps:

Clean up the bare patch. Usually, a bare patch appears when the soil is too compact. Using a rake, remove dry grass and stones from the bare patch. Then using a lawn rake, break the soil up. If you find it difficult to break up, moisten it first with water. Then add some compost or loam into the existing soil and mix it together. Then even out the soil with the rest of the lawn.

Plant new seeds. You can now plant new seeds for the grass. Sprinkle the seeds evenly over the patch. You may add fertilizer to help in seed germination and faster growth. If you used compost, then a fertilizer may not be necessary. Rake the seeds into the soil, but not too deep, and ensure that the seeds do not accumulate on one area only. Lightly step on the soil so that the seeds are in contact with the soil, and it will not be blown away by the wind. Water the seeds lightly, avoid drowning the seeds or over watering as the seed might run off with the flowing water.

Nurture until it mixes with the rest of the lawn. Continue watering the seeds, keeping the soil moist, but not wet. To avoid birds from eating the seeds, you may place reflective tapes to scare them away. Avoid this part of the lawn when mowing until such time that it has grown and is in the same height with the rest of the lawn.

Try other alternatives. If a patch occurs on the same spot every time, and no amount of lawn repair and seeding solves it, then you may simply put another garden ornament on it instead, such as a rock fountain, a potted flowering plant or simply plant an ornamental bush. This can even enhance your lawn, turning a bare patch into the highlight of your front yard.

Avoid further patches. If curing the bare patch works, then avoid further patches by regularly watering the lawn. If the cause of the bare patch is that the kids always steps on it, then maybe placing stones on the walking area will help. Sometimes, shady areas prevent grass from growing. You can choose a variety that grows even in shaded areas. If there is no such variety in your area, then you may opt to put plants or other garden ornaments in that area instead. Pets can also cause some disturbance in the lawn and may be the reason for the bare patches. You can put a fence around your pet's designated area so they will avoid "harming" the lawn.

Also, when repairing the lawn, make sure to avoid the dry season, as planting may be impractical. Time your patch repair and seed planting during the spring season.    


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