How To Repair a Concrete Saw

A well functioning concrete saw makes for good work on roads and other tasks.  However, in some instances, concrete saws become inevitably wrecked and cause a burden in construction.  To prevent further inconvenience when this situation arises, it is important that you have knowledge of its repair.

Here are ways to help you repair a malfunctioning concrete saw:

  1. Know and check its parts.  It is essential for you to have knowledge of concrete saw parts so as to help you trace the cause of its malfunctioning.  For provision of good quality parts, visit for a complete list of replaceable equipment.
  2. Personal Preparations.  In dealing with machinery, your safety is the first thing to put into consideration.  Make sure the saw is turned off and is cooled down for several minutes. A concrete saw uses very sharp diamond or band saw blades and has a very hot surface.  Make sure you are wearing protective gear (smoke colored safety eyeglasses, helmet with earmuffs and face shield, protective gloves and gowns) before handling its parts.  To provide you with cheap yet good quality gear, you can visit under "safety gear".
  3. Have the minor equipments on hand.  Tools such as screw drivers, screws, wrenches and other items will surely be used, so these must be included in your work area.  If you still do not have these hand tools, fret not because the internet can be of so much help!  See the address bar on top of your internet page?  Just type for more of this equipment!  Different types and sizes suitable for your use are all available!
  4. Remove parts one by one.  When removing the different parts, it is good that you put them in order so that placing each piece back into its respective place would not be difficult.  The cutter is made up of metal, so it's definitely heavy.  You can ask for some assistance if carrying the machine is necessary.  If certain parts have been removed, clean it by wiping and brushing or soaking in a cleansing solution for minutes as appropriate.  At times, even the dirt, which blocks the holes of your equipment, causes the malfunction.  Take a look at the carbide, and REMEMBER to be extra careful with the blades (e.g. diamond and band saw blades). Blades can lose their sharpness and must be replaced. The Internet offers a selection of blades that can provide you with the best service in concrete and metal cutting. 

Repairing a concrete saw is as easy as one, two, and three.  But should you need a complete replacement of machinery and power tools for construction, just type in your address bar and a range of concrete saws will show up.  Just click every icon that you wish to replace.


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