How To Repair a Double Pane Window


A double pane window has a couple of glass panels facing each other set in a frame with a small space about half an inch to ¾ inch wide that separates them. This type of window is preferred by many due to its proven advantages that include enhanced insulation, ease of cleaning, noise reduction, impact resistance, and aesthetic benefits among others.

The two panes of glass with sealed barrier of air between them keep the cold air out from your house and the warm air in. Because of this insulation capability, double pane windows allow you to save energy and help you cut down on monthly electricity bills. The need for a heater in the cold season and air conditioning unit in the warmer time of the year is reduced. Double pane windows keep the level of noise from outside your house to a minimum. Hence you can enjoy the peace and quiet indoors even when your house is situated across a busy street. Since double pane windows are treated, they are sturdy and resistant to impacts compared to single panes. The inset frames of double pane windows also make them very easy to clean. However old your windows are, you can always make them look brand new with the right window cleaning products. Don't worry, you can clean double pane windows just as easily as single pane windows. With decorative frames, double pane windows are more attractive and add a sense of elegance to your home.

Needless to say, double window panes are usually more expensive than the single pane type. In cases when you need to repair them like when the glass is broken or when moisture appears between the glass panels, they are also more complicated although the repairing procedures are basically the same with single panes. Most of the time replacement is the option rather than window repairs. Nevertheless, these home window repair tips should help. You can repair a double pane window with these basic steps. Here's how to repair windows.

  1. Measure the height, width, and thickness of the glass so you can procure a new insulated glass unit from the glass shop with the accurate size. To get the accurate dimensions, measure it from rubber to rubber.
  2. Prepare the necessary materials for repairing your window pane.
  3. Remove the screws from the corners and carefully detach the glass panes. Lay it on a flat surface or on a large table.
  4. Clean the glass from any dust and finger marks, as you will no longer be able to clean any particles or marks between the panes once it is sealed.
  5. To prevent air gaps, run an amount of clear sealant to the frame prior to installing the new glass.
  6. Carefully put the new glass on and press it down into the sealant. Ensure that it fits the frame well. 
  7. Screw down firmly after properly fitting the new glass into the frame.
  8. Your new window frame is ready to be installed.

While you can always do the glass window repair yourself, it is recommended to have your double pane window fixed by a full service glass shop near your location or from the window manufacturer themselves for possible warranty service and suggestion on repairs.


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