How To Repair a Damaged Mailbox

Abandoned mailbox

A damaged mailbox could be caused by anything from bad winter weather to a car colliding with it. Whatever the cause, it is something that needs to be repaired at your expense, as the postal service has no responsibility to fix it. The good news is that you may be able to save some money by fixing the mailbox yourself. Of course, it all depends on the extent of the damage, be it just the cover or the entire mailbox.

Here are some useful tips that you can use to repair a damaged mailbox:

  • Mailbox cover. One of the most basic damages that can happen to a mailbox is the cover not working properly. Over time, the latch and screws on the mailbox covers can rust or loosen. When the latches on the mailbox cover have rust on them and squeak whenever you open or close it, the simple solution is to put oil on the latch. The most ideal to use is WD-40. Spray a generous amount on the latch and open and close it until it operates smoothly. For loose mailbox covers, get a screwdriver and tighten the screws until the cover is stable.
  • Mailbox post. If you need to replace the entire mailbox including the post, you must be prepared for hard work. Some mailbox posts are installed in the ground with the use of cement which would be challenging to replace. First, use a shovel to dig out the mailbox post. If there is no cement, you can just dig a few inches and wiggle the post until it is loose enough and easy for you to pull out.

    If the post is installed with cement, you may need to break off the cement using the shovel or dig until all the cement is exposed and lift to remove the mailbox post. Be careful as this is an activity that could hurt your back. If the concrete is a large enough piece, you may want to break it into smaller pieces using a sledge hammer. If all else fails, you can just buy another mailbox post kit and re-install it in the place where you removed the old mailbox.

  • Mailbox. Sometimes, the mailbox can get bent or have a dent in it, especially if it is located on the curbside. Cars and other vehicles may accidentally hit the mailbox and this causes damage. You may need to replace the mailbox every so often. You can do so by detaching the mailbox from the post and installing a new one in its place. You can choose a copper mailbox that is stronger, but beware of choosing a mailbox that locks because your mail carrier would have to have a key, which may not be something he wants to do on a daily basis.

These are some of the tips that you can use to repair your mailbox. You may also choose to just replace your mailbox with a wall mount mailbox. A wall mailbox is easier to maintain as you do not need to anchor it to the ground. Just be sure to check the United States Postal Regulations so that you can be sure that your mail will be delivered to your doorstep. You may need to call your local postal service to confirm this. If you live in the country, this likely will not be an option.


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