How To Repel Ants in the Herb Garden

Ants may seem like an outdoor problem, but actually they can be attracted to your herb garden wherever it is placed. Here's how to repel ants in the herb garden:

Step 1

Prepare the solution. One way to keep ants away from your herbs is by placing a solution to attract them away from your herbs. Mix 3 teaspoons or capsules of boric acid, 1 cup of sugar, and 2 cups of water in a small dish. You can also use plain, undiluted honey to attract the ants.

Step 2

Prepare the jar. Into a glass jar with a screw lid, place absorbent material, like napkins, cotton balls, or a washcloth. Then pour the boric acid solution over this material. Screw the lid onto the jar, and poke holes in the lid.

Step 3

Use the jar to trap ants. Place the jar on its side, next to the containers with your herbs. Move it every few days. Replenish the mixture in the jar once per month. This homemade ant bait will attract ants away from your plants.

Step 4

Use an ant-repellent spray. Apple cider vinegar is known to repel ants when sprayed on their trails. However, be careful about what kinds of sprays you use on your herbs, especially if you plan to eat them later. Choose organic or homemade remedies whenever possible; do not use chemical remedies like Diazinon on your herbs.

Step 5

Plant pest-repellent herbs. Some herbs are known for having natural pest-repellent qualities. If you are having trouble with ants in your herb garden, try planting tansy or feverfew, which are known to repel ants and other insects.

Step 6

Keep your herbs under the right conditions. If your herbs are in containers, move them frequently. Ants are attracted to the cool areas under the pots, and will become discouraged if the pots keep moving. Keeping your herbs on a raised bench or other structure, or indoors, can make it harder for the ants to find your herbs.

Step 7

Replant the herbs. If your pots have been infested with ants and you want to get rid of them, try repotting the plants. Make sure all the ants are gone, and then transplant your herbs to new pots with new dirt.

Using your own pest repellent solutions is a great way to save your garden from pests. Most ant species are harmless, but they can be annoying. Most garden ants will not actually eat your herbs.


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