How To Replace a Broken Case Handle

A briefcase, luggage case or laptop case must be strong and durable as it carries your pertinent belongings. Most businessmen and professionals prefer a briefcase over a portfolio to carry important documents because the former has a handle for easy grip and can be conveniently carried around compared to the latter, which you will have to carry in your hand or under your arm. Briefcases are cases where you can place documents, personal belongings, fragile gadgets such as laptop, etc. Because these cases are specially equipped with handles, you have the freedom to move around in your preferred pace even when the weight of your case is a bit heavy. If you are always on the go and you need to carry heavy items in your case on a daily basis, you need a case handle that is secure and sturdy. Whether it is a briefcase, luggage case, laptop case or any type of case with a handle, it defeats its purpose once the handle gets broken. You either need to buy a new one or have the handle replaced.  While you can always refer to a professional’s help in repairing your case handle, you can enjoy fixing it yourself using the following steps.

  1. Check whether the handle really needs replacement or a just a simple repair. Perhaps the screws or rings just need to be tightened a little bit to keep the handle intact. Adjust the loosened screws yourself and your case is ready to be used again.
  2. Should it need a replacement, select one that matches the entire case. There are different types of handle you can choose from. Depending on your style preference, and the type of case you have, you can choose from leather, plastic, metal, canvas, vinyl, etc. Leather however is preferable because of its flexibility and durability. A leather handle will fit in most situations. If you do not favor leather over the rest of the available types, find one that matches according to the measurement, the fabric type, and color. Look for a replacement handle with a good and comfortable grip.
  3. Once you have your replacement handle, prepare a pair of pliers to help you do the job.
  4. Using a pair of pliers, remove the old set of rings and affix your new handle replacement. The pliers will help you twist the ends open and twist the rings close once more. Secure the screws to their connection by tightening them.
  5. Test if the handle is strong enough to hold the entire case.

Remember that price does not always guarantee quality. To secure that your replacement or new laptop handle, luggage handle, pocket handle, fan handle, and the like will not easily get broken invest on a quality case handle that supports the material thickness required by your case. To ensure strength, you can change the screws to longer ones if they are short. Also consider the size and capacity of your case. Your case handle may be strong and secure but if your case is loaded with items the weight of which it can no longer support it is probably time to get a new case instead of replacing that case handle.


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