How To Replace a Damaged Brick

Bricks are great for structural projects, but what happens when one of your bricks ends up chipping, falling apart, or crumbling? You'll need to know how to replace the brick, but it sounds like more of a challenge than it really is. You need to know how to replace the brick without damaging the rest of the structure. Here is the quick and easy way to replace a damaged brick and still keep the rest of your bricks intact.

First, make sure you have a replacement brick. If you have more than one brick that needs replacing, then make sure you have enough bricks to replace every part. You're going to want to start with safety goggles and leather gloves, just to make sure you don't get hurt in the process. You're going to need a cold chisel and a fairly heavy hammer and begin to break apart the damaged brick(s) little by little. As you break them apart, make sure you don't ruin any of the surrounding bricks, as this will cause more problems and more brick replacement. Other options are a power drill or a cutting wheel (a common masonry tool) so that you can cleanly get rid of any bricks without the risk of damaging more than necessary.

Once you get all of the brick pieces out of the way, you need to make sure the remaining mortar is chiseled out so that the spaces are clear and ready for new bricks. It's important that the bricks fit perfectly back into the space, so cluttered mortar needs to be rid of. If there's any loose mortar, use a wire brush or a utensil along those lines to clear it out. Make sure every corner is clear. You'll have to also vacuum the empty space, for even the slightest of dust can make a difference in the fitting of the brick. Once that's done, you're going to need to wash out the empty space so that it's clean and free of all debris.

Once that's accomplished, you'll do the same procedure as you would have with all of the original bricks. You'll need to mix the mortar, use a trowel to spread the mortar in one inch thick layers, wet down the brick and place it in the empty space, scrape away excess mortar, spray the finished product with water for three days, and do your best to keep the moisture in. Replacing is as easy as that!


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