How To Save Money on Ice

Put the Freeze on Empty Spending

Not everyone needs to worry about saving money on ice. However, if you prefer ice-cold beverages and don't have an icemaker or find that your icemaker doesn't keep up with the demand in your household you could benefit from finding ways to save money on ice. A twenty-pound bag of ice costs approximately five dollars and if you are buying a bag every week or two it adds up. It is easy to spend $130-$260 a year without thinking about it. The following suggestions should help you minimize or eliminate your need to buy ice.

Step 1

Buy some ice-cube trays and use them in a methodical system. Most people find that the water in your ice-cube trays will freeze in the deep freeze or the freezer of your refrigerator in approximately twelve hours.

Make a regular chore of emptying and filling your ice-cube trays twice a day. Note: This makes a wonderful chore for kids who are big enough to carry an ice cube tray without spilling water.

Step 2

Keep all beverages that you prefer to drink iced in pitchers in the refrigerator. That way they stay cold and use less ice.

Step 3

If you aren't finished with an iced beverage and you are ready for bed or need to leave the house for a while, put the beverage in the refrigerator. Ice melts very, very slowly in the fridge.

Step 4

If you live in a cold climate, you might consider using the great outdoors as an icemaker. Fill your ice-cube trays up with water and put them outside in a closed box. They will freeze quickly (if your weather is cold enough, they will freeze more quickly than in the freezer) and you will not have to worry about frost build-up inside your freezer or deep-freeze.

Step 5

Don't crush your ice or use the crushed ice setting on your icemaker. Crushed ice will cool your drink down more quickly, but it melts more quickly too, which means your drink warms up more quickly.

The bigger the chunk of ice you put into your drink, the longer it will last and the less ice you will need to use. 

Step 6

Consider learning to drink some beverages at room temperature or without ice in them. Water is just as satisfying at room temperature as it is cold.

Step 7

Consider using insulating sleeves on cups or glasses when you are drinking an iced beverage.


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