How To Seal Tile Grout

Who wants to experience stained grout, mold and mildew growing in the grout and tile, and moisture that slowly destroys the grout? These surely are painful to repair, that is, if replacing your tiles is not the better choice. So if you don't want to experience the tedious job or expensive repair or replacement, better prevent these from happening as early as now. Seal that tile grout. Who says this is not necessary? It is necessary if you want to prevent future problems.

What's with the Grout?

It is important to know how grout works so you'll have the basic idea of why and how you are supposed to seal the tile grout.

After the tile job, grouting is done to protect the tiles. This has to be smeared onto the tiles to the point of forcing the grout into the tiles' seams. Basically, a grout works like glue that keeps the tiles together.

Most grout types used today are cement-based. This may be cheaper but the material is very porous that it allows the water to penetrate inside. Epoxy-based, on the other hand, does not need sealing because unlike cement, this is not porous.

Sealing the grout prevents penetration of moisture into the cement grout. That way, you prevent further problems that moisture under the grout or within the tiles might produce.

There are two ways to do the sealing and it will depend on the kind of grout sealer you have.

Grout Lines Sealer

Most tiles today are finished with a glaze to seal them. This is okay to seal the grout but it will be better to apply a grout sealer specially made for the grout lines. You can buy a kit from your nearest hardware. It usually comes with a brush, an applicator, and a liquid. Here's how to seal tile grout with this:

  1. Read the instructions. How to use this kit is usually written on the label. Check it out. If not, simply follow the grout lines using the applicator that comes with the kit. Some liquid might smear on the tile surface. Don't worry if that happens because they come off on their own.
  2. Do this sealing once every year. This seal is great but you must maintain it, too, because wearing out does not excuse it. Re-applying the seal once a year will do.

Spray Sealing

This is easier to apply than the first one but to use this. Your tile must be protected with a glaze. This spray sealer works by penetrating into the grout and stay on top of the grout to protect it.

Using this is easy. You can check the label for some instructions. But usually, you'll just have to spray the sealer onto the grout. It's okay to spray some on the tiles because it wears off and evaporate in time.

Sealing the tile grout can be easy whether which method you use. Doing it rightly will also make the job easier because you don't have to do it again, at least until the next year. So, go and seal that tile grout. You'll save lots of headache and money when you do.


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