How To Secure a Wrought Iron Fence with No Lock

If you have kids running around, securing a wrought iron fence is a necessity in your backyard. This will give them the freedom to play even with minimum supervision. With the fence secured properly, you will be at peace that your children are safe.

But perhaps you had installed your backyard’s wrought iron fence before you had your children. You thought then that that you don’t need a lock in your fence. But now that you have kids to look after, it will be best to secure your wrought iron fence. Here are some simple ways on how to secure a wrought iron fence with no lock:

  1. Prepare the wrought iron fence and the rope to secure your fence. Align the fence properly to set it up for making the knot. Make sure that the fence is placed side by side in proper order.
  2. Cut a rope. Cut a portion of the rope 2-3 feet long. The rope should at least be a half an inch in thickness. You can purchase the rope at the hardware nearest your place or by checking your garage for used ropes. Test the strength of the rope by pulling it apart with your bare hands.
  3. Weave the rope through the holes of the wrought iron fence. The wrought iron fence has designs and patterns on it. Weave the rope through these patterns as many times as can be with the length of the rope.
  4. Tighten the woven rope. Tie the ends of the rope securely together. Make sure that the knot is strong enough so it cannot be detached or get untied by the children who keep pushing and pulling in the backyard. Place the knot on the outer part of the fence so that kids do not easily find where to loosen the rope.
  5. Camouflage the rope with the wrought iron fence. You can do this by blending the color of the rope to that of the fence. If it is possible, you can also make the knots in some patterns so that they will not easily be recognized as knots. Paint the rope in the same color as the wrought iron fence if possible.

You don’t need to spend much in order to secure your wrought iron fence, despite the fact that it doesn't have a lock. You can make use of recycled ropes as long as they can still hold strong. The secret in securing the wrought iron fence with a rope is in the knot.

As parents, it is your primary concern to keep your children safe while giving them the freedom to play. The backyard is the best playing ground for the children because it is just within your place. Because of this, you must be able to secure your backyard with a fence, and your fence with a lock.

So there, all you need to do to secure your backyard’s wrought iron fence is to get a rope. Knowing how to use the rope in fastening your fence will save you much from buying expensive locks. Plus, it can easily be found in the house so replacement is not an issue.


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