How To Select a Fireplace Screen

Fireplace screens help give your living room a new look. There are so many designs to choose from, and to best help you with your choice, you should know of guidelines on how to best select a fireplace screen. Here are just some of these guidelines:

Know the proper size to pick out. The most important thing you have to do is to measure your fireplace, to ensure that the screen you buy will fit it adequately. Measure all the dimensions of the fireplace – the width, the length, and the height. Then, add 12 inches to the width and the length, and add 5 inches to the height – the resulting figures should be the minimum dimensions of the fireplace screen to pick out.

Consider the stability. A fireplace screen is actually not just a design to your living room, it also serves as a safety barrier against the fire in the fireplace. Make sure that the fireplace screen you buy is stable enough to withstand simple knocks; perhaps it’s best that you opt for fireplace screens that can be fastened to the fireplace wall, especially if you have young children or pets in the house.

Choose the design that you want. One of the best guidelines for choosing the design is by considering the total design of the living room (or the room where the fireplace is at). It’s best to aim for harmony of design within a single space, and the good news is that there are just so many fireplace screen designs to choose from that you’d surely find one just right for your room’s design. Some of the most popular makes and designs of fireplace screens include copper, bronze, brass, glass and wrought-iron; there are also decorative screens such as fan fireplace screens and ornate “summer screens”.

Choose the type of screen that you want. In relation to the design, another consideration for the screen that you will buy is the number of panels it has. There are three, four, and single-panel screens; the number of panels refer to the number of “folds” the screen has. If you want a screen that has a single panel, you should also choose whether you’d want a straight one or a bowed one. A bowed fireplace screen has a gentle outward curve.

If you want a three-panel screen, know that the middle panel is the widest, as it is designed to be placed in front of the actual fireplace hearth. The two panels on its either side are there for support. A four-panel screen is folded similar to an accordion.

Consider ease of use and practicability.
You might want to consider a relatively new type of fireplace screen, which is called the doorplace screen. The doorplace screen enables you to easily load your fireplace by opening the door mechanism of the screen; this way, you wouldn’t have to completely remove the fireplace screen just to load it up.

If you have children at home, you might want to get child guard fireplace screens, which are designed specifically to keep children at a safe distance from the hearth.


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