How To Select an Oil Painting for Your Dining Room

What is your favorite room in your house? Even if you are living in an apartment or condo, there is likely to be one room or area that you prefer to be in when you are relaxing or entertaining guests. It’s no secret that the kitchen is very popular for many families, and for those who like to invite guests over for sporting events or parties, the game room or den might be the place where you feel most comfortable. Other people will say the dining room, and when you love to entertain, work on projects with your kids, and cook big family meals, the dining room is probably the place where it all happens. If you’re looking for a way to spruce up the décor in your dining room, you might want to consider a new oil painting as your wall art choice.

Step 1

Right away when you say oil painting some people’s minds jump right to stodgy museum art or abstract pieces that you have to spend your whole life telling people not to touch because they're delicate or very expensive. The truth is that not all of the world’s best art is thousands of years old, and there are plenty of contemporary paintings from new artists that can be obtained for very reasonable prices.

Step 2

When you are thinking about getting a new oil painting for your dining room, you really need to take into account all of the decorations and colors that you already have in place. If you have a very modern dining room set, with cool, metallic tones happening, the last thing you want to do is to purchase a wall-sized pastel, or landscape with bright colors. You’ll want to think about the space you have available, and how you can fill it without overwhelming your guests.

Step 3

Keep in mind that it is good to make a decision about an oil painting that will be the focal point of the room, and make sure that nothing else you add to the room will be competing for the attention of your guests. Make sure you choose a fairly neutral subject for your painting, like still life scenes or landscapes if you want to be able to change the room around without buying new art every time. Also, think about whether your interests are likely to change as you grow older or move into a new home. Will you always appreciate that abstract painting? Planning ahead always saves time and money.


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