How To Select Carpet Color

A carpet chosen in good taste can really add a touch of elegance and comfort to a room. It can also be used for a lot of different purposes. Nylon carpets can protect your floors, and make stains relatively easy to clean. If you want a flat carpet that can resist moisture, Olefin is for you. Wool carpets add a lot of warmth to a room, and can really last a long time. Design-wise, you can add a lot of variety to the look of any room, just by adding a carpet. No matter which kind of carpet you need, choosing the right color is very important. Choosing the wrong color could make your carpet stick out like a sore thumb. A few simple rules would be wise to consider before buying a carpet.

Here are a few simple tips on how to select carpet color:

  1. Assess your home. You have to consider what color works best for those who live in your home. Those with small children who are prone to spill food and wipe dirt on the carpet might want to stay away from carpets that are light colored. White, beige, cream, yellow, and other variants show dirt easier. However, this doesn't have to limit your options. There are a lot of other colors such as dark red, magenta, deep green and blue to liven up your space. In addition, you might want to stay away from carpets with luxurious fabrics, as they will only get damaged easily.
  2. Consider the theme of each room, and the overall design of your house. You should always tie the color of your carpets to the basic design of your space. For example, those who want a modern look might want to go for basic colors such as white, black, very dark brown and beige. You could also make the carpet a bright pop of fresh color in an all black-and-white space. Red or yellow would be best to use for this purpose. Victorian style rooms would greatly benefit from a deep red carpet with intricate patterns.
  3. Browse online for a carpet color you like. You can look at the website of several different carpet companies. Each company has a variation of every color. Some colors might be unique to some companies, so you should always take the time to browse their different carpet colors. You can just as easily browse at magazines and stores in the mall. Make sure that you broaden your options, so you can really select a color that suits your taste.
  4. You can ask for sample carpet pieces-free! You can go to the mall and ask for some carpet samples. Usually, they come free. Use your sample to test if the color shade of the carpet will soften or brighten in time, especially if exposed to different elements. This is also a great way to see if a certain color works in a room. You can use the carpet samples as reference in the future when you are picking out carpets.

Selecting a carpet color is easier than ever with these simple tips.


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