How To Select Pepper Shakers for Your Home

No dining table will be complete without a pepper shaker. For generations and generations, people have been aware of the amazing seasoning qualities that pepper has to offer. It was once an exotic spice that had to be procured from faraway lands, but with the invention of better ways of transportation as well the advances in agriculture, it is now possible to grow the crop in just about every place on earth.

Pepper is one of the most recognizable spices on earth. Most recipes actually call for pepper and salt as the major seasoning ingredients. Its strong flavor can border from the very hot to the slight hint of earthiness, and this has been a great draw for cooks and food lovers across the world. Your dining table shouldn't be different. Make sure that you have a fresh stock of pepper in your pantry to ensure that you and your family can properly season your food. It is much better to have your pepper in the pepper corn form instead of the powdered form. Having it ground right before serving makes the flavor go away quickly. The innate taste of the seasoning is locked in when the pepper corns are ground just before it is served with the rest of the meal.

The pepper shaker is a great table accent as well. It is commonly paired with a salt shaker and may come in different types of motifs. The most common ones are the models that are made out of ceramic or china. These have tiny holes on top and filling input hole at the bottom. Pepper shakers usually have a cork or plastic stopper at the bottom to prevent spillage of contents.
Another commonly used material for pepper shakers is glass. Glass gives the sheen that can reflect the opulence of the other crystal ware on the table. This is especially useful when you want to see how much is left inside the shaker. Glass shakers can have a similar hole in the bottom or a metal cap at the top.

One style that is gaining popularity now is the steel finish shaker. They are very reminiscent of the mixing vessels used by bartenders. These materials are usually finished in pewter or polished to a very high gloss. This type of shaker is perfect to complimenting the great silverware on the table. Most of these shakers also have a hole in the bottom.

If you prefer the classic look, you can opt for a wooden pepper grinder, with a turn knob for grinding pepper corns. There are also other options for shakers. You may also make homemade grinders if you really want your pepper fresh. There are also electric pepper grinders, which grind pepper corns with just a press of a button.

Whatever you use for your table, the idea is that you keep the motif and the theme very relevant and connected throughout. The lowly pepper shaker can be an interesting thing on an otherwise bland table so make sure that you keep your eyes peeled next time you go to the home supplies store. 


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