How To Select Suspended Ceiling Tiles

Are you deciding on changing your old ceiling?  You might want to look into suspended ceiling tiles.  Tiles do not have to contain asbestos to retain their function, which makes them safe to use.  There are several varieties of these ceiling tiles and each one has qualities that will fit each room in your house.  Here are some of them.

  • Regular ceiling tiles. Unlike your regular ceiling panels, this ceiling type is made out of tiles that can last longer while retaining their physical appearance.  They can also withstand greater stresses from the elements.  Another great thing about ceiling tiles is that termites cannot infest them.  They also come in more varieties of design compared to your regular ceiling panels.  Another great advantage is that they can retain more of the temperature generated by the air-conditioner, which will allow you to save on your electrical bill. 

  • Wood ceiling tiles. This type of ceiling tile gives the room an atmosphere of relaxation.  They are very fitting for a living room with their classy look and natural atmosphere. They also create a feeling of calmness as you see how they make the illusion of a warm atmosphere during the wintertime.
  • Glue up tiles. They are very effective for a room that needs thermoregulation like the kitchen.  They have the ability to absorb moisture from the air, thus reducing the heat inside the room.  They also protect the room from outside influence by the weather by keeping out the heat or the cold placed on the outer surface of the roof.  They are also washable and have many varieties when it comes to designs.  It would be wise to choose these kitchen tiles for your ceiling. 

  • Facade tin tiles. They are ideal for rooms that require stability and an outlook of power like an office or a laboratory.  Most laboratories are exposed to experiments and flimsy types of ceilings. They will not be able to hold themselves in case of accidents.  Although a regular office needs to be sophisticated, some companies do pride themselves on their technological advancements.  Some prefer to keep a strong metallic look to keep them in harmony with the company.  With this ceiling type, you will get that look while saving cash.  And because of the reflective surface of the tin ceiling, you can maximize the use of either natural or artificial light. 

  • Stretch ceiling tiles. This is probably the most interesting type of ceiling tiles.  They have the ability to adapt to surfaces with awkward shapes or dimensions.   And due to the abstract nature of the design, they are perfect for areas in the house where social events happen like around the pool or in the living room.  They give a very fine surface for a very high price, which is ideal for the rich and elite group of people. So, if you are planning to buy this ceiling in a wholesale store, think again. Many contractors also consider it as the best ceiling system yet.  It also comes in many designs.  It is even modifiable to absorb or enhance sound, which they call the acoustic stretch ceiling.  This specialized type of stretch tile is ideal for opera houses or sound studios. 

The variety of drop ceiling tiles is actually vast and there are more out there that might suit your preference even better.  But any other type of ceiling because of its flexibility and designs will never outdo ceiling tiles.


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