How To Set Rat Traps

Setting up rat trap

Setting traps are tricky specially when dealing with the smart rodents, the rats. They are clever and aim to survive and will avoid anything that they think is unsafe. They will not go directly to the rat trap even if their favorite peanut butter is inside if they think that it is unsafe for them. They can get the bait from the rat trap and escape from it. This is the reason why we need to understand a few pointers on how to set the mouse trap to effectively eliminate these rodents.

Rats eat any kind of food. They usually try out if the food is safe to eat, then continuously go for that food. So, you need to observe what food they usually eat. If you find crumbs of biscuits or if you find any signs of what they love to eat inside your home, then that is the best bait to put on your rat trap.

However, if you have no idea and you cannot find any trace of what they love to eat then another option is to pre-bait. If you already find a good spot to place your rat trap, use peanut butter, a piece of bacon or bread as bait and leave it on the trap without the snap trigger. If it's gone the next day, then they will definitely be back to get another one so you need to repeat the same procedure on the second day. On day three, you can already set the trap trigger.

Placement of the rat trap is extremely important. What you need to note is that rats do not have clear vision and they only use walls as the guide to their food source and shelter. So you need to place the rat traps perpendicular to the wall and that the end of the trap should touch the wall. This will ensure that the rat will not be able to escape the trap.

It is best to put enough rat traps depending on the amount of rats you think live in your home. You can also add glue boards to capture those that can avoid the rat trap. You can place these boards on the walls and it is important to get a bigger board or if it's not available, you can stick the small ones beside each other to ensure effectiveness of your trap. Dust can also weaken the stickiness of the board and can cause it to fall off so it is important to dust off the wall or the area where you plan to put the glue boards.

It is also important to label the bait zones. Labeling will help secure your rat traps in its location. Remember, your rat traps should not be moved from its location. Placing these warning signs will also ensure safety for the other members of the family and accidents can be avoided. This is extremely important if you have children and pets around.




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