How To Set Squirrel Traps

It is a known fact that squirrels are quite active creatures that love fun and can be quite mischievous. However, their idea of fun can become a pain as they ruin one’s garden and home. But you can now get rid of these pesky pets by thinking of ways by which you can evict them safely. Here are some tips that you can do in order to get rid of these squirrels. First, you need to replace your current trash cans into new ones made of metal. That way, they will not be able to open these cans since these animals do not have thumbs to lift the lid off.

You need to dispose your crumbs and food in the proper trash cans. Food trays must be washed well so that these animals will not have something to chew on. They love dining on the barbecue grill scrapings as well as breadcrumbs and fruit peelings that are left after some parties. You need to be attentive about raking up the seeds and the hulls from under the feeders or you can use some kind of catch tray underneath. You need to get rid of the squirrels by using a squirrel proof bird feeder. This instrument is a weight sensitive bird feeder that closes the feeding port when a squirrel lands of it.

Therefore, this is very useful in keeping those squirrels out. When birds land on this device, it will automatically close and the squirrels will be trapped inside it. These devices can also have an electrical stun and this can immobilize the squirrels. Squirrels usually enter the house through the roof so it may be wise to trim branches of your trees so that they do not easily enter your homes. Trees need to be trimmed at least 15 feet away from your house lest they find an easy way to sneak in. You can also decide to remove any fruit-bearing trees such as nuts and berries. Squirrels feed on fruits and nuts and they are able to dig up these trees so that you need to find a way so that you are not actually inviting them. Some people are able to baffle squirrels by the traps that they set. Some of these can include the effective bird feeder which is so easy to set up.

You need to do a lot of observations because if you feed the birds, you will have an inkling that the squirrel is visiting the birds regularly. This means that it is the source of food of the squirrel and that is where you need to set the trap. Anchor your trap where you see the squirrel loitering most of the time. Put some heavy objects on it because the squirrel may just hover around that and you will not be able to trap it. You can also bait the trap for a day or two without any food in it yet. You want to lure the squirrel and be comfortable near that trap for some time before you really do trap it.


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