How To Set Up a Cassette Storage Unit

Were you once a cassette addict? That means you have cassette duplication, blank VHS tapes, a cassette duplicator, cassette rack, and a lot more of a vintage collection from the 80’s music industry. Despite the popularity of downloadable music, you still want to keep your cassette and VHS tapes. But there is one problem—you don’t know how to set up a cassette storage unit.

Setting up a cassette storage unit can be done through two options:

1. Hire a Carpenter

Making your own cassette storage unit can be difficult if you’re not a born carpenter. So, before you decide to actually make your own cassette storage unit, ask yourself first if you can do this. Besides, you can always hire a professional carpenter to create storage units for your tape, VHS, and even cassette duplication, and cassette duplicators.

All you have to do is to design a cabinet or a cassette rack where you can put all your blank VHS tapes. Make some room for the CD storage drawers, too. Get some ideas from furniture shops online so you will know your options. Simply print out a picture of a cabinet you want to be a storage unit and show that to the carpenter. Suggest a few more instructions so he can modify the unit to cater to your needs.

If you can’t find a carpenter, you are free to contact some furniture manufacturers. Most of them are happy to make a customized cabinet for their clients for a price.

2. Set Up a Cassette Storage Unit on Your Own

If you have some experience as a carpenter, this option can be the best you can do. The first thing you should do is of course to assess how many cassette tapes, VHS tapes, and CDs are in your collection.

Second, check if each of these things has its original casing. It is important that your tapes and CDs are kept in their original casings for their utmost protection. If it’s impossible to recover their original casing, simply cover the tapes with a thin paper.

Third, decide the best storage unit for your collection. If you still want to have easy access to your collection, then cassette racks can be your best choice. But if you just want to keep them, then drawers or cabinets will do great.

Fourth, design your storage unit. If you will display the unit, it will be better to add a little aesthetic merit. If not, then just create something that will serve your purpose well. You can get great furniture ideas from home magazines or websites. You can start your designing from there.

Setting up your cassette storage is not the end of your job. You still need to maintain your storage unit and check it from time to time. A simple dusting off of the cabinet or racks can be enough. You may paint it with varnish too and repair it as soon as you’ve found imperfections.

Not only for your personal pleasure but also for future generations to see, keeping your collection in a cassette storage unit is truly valuable. With that, you can now have something to talk about and show to your grandchildren who never lived with the beauty of listening to music with a cassette tape or watching movies with a VHS tape.


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