How To Set Up a Low Maintenance Garden

While a lot of people want to maintain a pretty garden, it’s not always easy to maintain one, particularly with today’s busy schedules. Having a garden is no joke—it often involves a labor of love and demands a lot of time, money and dedication to see everything through. This is why gardens should be well thought-of, and not just created base upon an impulsive whim by that inner landscape designer inside of you.

Landscape plans may be hard to come by, not to mention quite expensive if you choose to have a certified professional do it for you, but there are ways to have a low maintenance garden. Here are some tips that would definitely allow you to have a soothing, yet very easy-to-manage garden at the convenience of your own front or back yard.

Avoid lawns at all costs. The idea of having lawns in the backyard or any part of the home lot is a bit too tedious. In nature, species are supposed to intersperse and interact with each other. A lawn is just a big mat of one species of grass and having a lawn on your lot can make the upkeep really intensive. Low maintenance doesn’t equate to a lot of mowing, fertilizing and replacement patches for parts that have already dried out. Drawing out weeds can also be a pain, and this will take hours and hours of hunting for the roots, digging these out, and disposing of the pesky intruders.

Try sticking to potted plants. Instead of messing with landscaping your yard, get plastic or clay pots that could serve as the containers of your flowers and shrubs. Arranging them on a nice tiered shelf will also bring out the character of the plants. Landscape maintenance with potted plants is typically limited to watering these regularly, and the routine examination of the leaves to check for signs of disease and other similar concerns. This shouldn’t take a few minutes each day. That sure beats mowing your lawn for a couple of hours each weekend and hunting for weeds for even a greater amount of time.

Try the natural method. There are a lot of approaches to having a garden. Another option that one could explore is to have a meadow. While this may not be the typical set-up for most household landscaping plans, it’s certainly a very interesting prospect. Just let your lawn be, without much intervention, and you will marvel at how nature takes care of itself. Having all sorts of plants in their natural setting would most definitely attract a whole host of insects and birds since this would be a good refuge and source of food.  Affix a birdfeeder somewhere in the garden to draw the critters over, and maybe set up a few

You don’t really need to hire someone to do things for you all the time. With a little research, bravado and dedication, it would be easy to come up with a low maintenance garden that is beautiful, soothing and easy to care for.


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