How To Set up a Simple Webcam Surveillance System

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Were there times when you felt that there was something going on within your household that was rather important for you to know but did not come to your knowledge? Situations like a maid abusing your children? Or maybe your household helper was looking into your private documents? Someone going in and out of your house but is not a member of the household? Well, things like these happen. There are times when situations like these bring irreparable effects. Then we feel sorry. Had we done something to monitor all these things maybe it could have been different. A webcam surveillance system is the solution for these.

Normally, a webcam hooked to a computer is used for video conferencing and online dating. Companies that have to meet regularly with their consultants abroad use video conferencing. Online dating is where one finds someone who he could chat with and eventually find time to meet.

A webcam surveillance system is a security system made up of a webcam, a computer and a security software. One main feature of the security software is motion detection wherein the webcam is triggered when a person enters the webcam's visual field. Recording of what is happening starts as soon as the webcam is opened.

To install a simple webcam surveillance system is easy.

  1. You have to position your computer in a place where you can view it. Then position your webcam in a discreet location so that no one will know that they are under surveillance.
  2. Then download the security software.
  3. After the download, run the exe file of the software and install. 
  4. After installing the software, start the application by selecting the type of webcam you plan to use.
  5. Then go to the preview button, which will give you the option to adjust the scope of your webcam. It could monitor the desired area.
  6. Click the "source" button for adjustments in your webcam so you can capture the videos well.
  7. With the "option" button you could get access for motion detection function of your system.
  8. Set up your store settings so that saving files will automatically go to your hard drive in a file that you have set up.
  9. After the set up try your surveillance system, do necessary adjustments. Make sure that your webcam covers the whole area you want to put under surveillance.

Just a word of advice, a wireless webcam is advisable to use since you could easily install it in a place that is least noticeable. Not like the wired webcam, there is the possibility that the wires will be noticed and thereby letting it known that you have a surveillance system installed.

A webcam surveillance system is used in offices, restaurants, shops and houses. It gives the user a sense of security and protection. You could use some creative ideas on how you can conceal your webcam so that it goes unnoticed. Your safety and the efficiency of your webcam surveillance system will depend on how well and discreet you have installed your device.


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