How To Set Up Hammocks

Swinging the afternoon away with a good book in the backyard hammock is the image that comes to mind when talking about the good life. Millions of Americans have set up hammocks and millions more think they’re a great idea but never get around to setting one up.

Hammocks come in two main forms, free standing and tie-ups. Free standing hammocks attach to a metal pole base and can be used anywhere. Tie-ups are more inexpensive but need to be tied between two trees or posts.

Setting up a free-standing hammock is simple. A screwdriver or adjustable wrench is all you’ll need.

  1. Start by setting out the pieces of the frame. The wider part of the frame is the support base and will sit on the ground. The hammock will be secured to the horizontal ends or the tie-rings. When you’re sure you have all of the parts, start fitting them together.
  2. Every hammock manufacturer designs their hammocks differently. To set up hammocks, use the included screws to secure the frame. Hand-tighten all of the screws until the entire frame is assembled and then go back and tighten the screws with a screwdriver. If bolts and nuts are provided instead, use a wrench to tighten them up.
  3. Attach the rope to the frame and to the hammock itself. When everything is secured, test it by laying down for a few minutes to appreciate your work.
  4. Tie-up models are very simple to assemble. Some are made of quality material that is really quite comfortable. Others are backpacker and camper models that may be totally enclosed to keep the insects and rain off. The lightweight outdoor hammocks are tough, lightweight, and can be stored just about anywhere.
  5. To assemble a tie-up model, simply stretch it out, tie on the ropes, and then secure the ropes between two trees. If you don’t have two trees that are close enough together, resort to setting a post near one tree or two posts by themselves. You’ll need seven to ten feet of space to tie up your hammock.
  6. To set a post, dig down below the frost line and drop in a few inches of small stones. This will keep your weatherized post from sitting in water at the bottom of the hole. Set the post, pour in mixed concrete, and let it sit for a few days. Screw in a large hook to hold the rope and you’ll be lounging in your new hammock.


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