How To Shine Granite Counters

For those people who want the best for their kitchen are searching for counters that are durable and easy to maintain. The solution to this problem is to buy a granite counter. Granite is one of the most durable stones in the world. Granite is created from a molten rock. Because of this, it can stand any heat including the heat from a hot pan. Granite counters are also good for handling baking ingredients.

However, like any other thing in this world, granite can also be damaged. Without proper care and maintenance, granite can look dull after some time. Fortunately, the following step will help you clean and shine your granite counters.

  1. Clean the granite counter thoroughly. The first thing you need to do is to get granite cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Place a small amount of the cleaner on the cloth and thoroughly clean the surface of the counter. You should also make sure that the cleaner you use is safe on granite. To make sure it's safe, you can use a pH-neutral cleaner. To avoid any damage, make sure that you read and follow the directions on the granite cleaner. Remember that using cleaners that contains harsh chemicals can damage your granite, making it look dull.
  2. Apply granite polish to its entire surface. After cleaning and drying the granite counter, apply the granite polish. Make sure that you follow the directions written on the granite polish's box. If you're unsure of what to do, simply apply the polish on the granite counter. Spread it evenly on your counter. Wait for three to four minutes to let the polish dry.
  3. Wash off polish residue. Once the granite polish is dry, rinse it off with plain water. This will remove any residue left from the polish. Remove any stains or streaks. Make sure that you use microfiber cloth when doing this. Repeat polishing your granite counter whenever you think it's starting to look dull.
  4. Check the granite's finish. To test the granite's finish, simply pour water onto the surface of the counter. You can determine if everything's okay if the water beads up. However, if you find that the water seeps into the granite, you may need to seal your counter. This will prevent further damaging to your granite counter.
  5. Prevent deep stains by using granite sealer. To prevent deep stains, apply a granite sealer on your counter. You should do this once a year. It will prevent your granite counter from deep stains. To apply the sealer, simply place a sufficient amount of the sealer onto your counter. Carefully apply it on the surface of the counter. Let is set for at least five minutes. Then, apply second coating.

These are the steps on how to care for your granite counter. You can also use baking soda with a mixture of water to polish your granite sealer. Just simply add ¼ cup of baking soda and mix it with 3 cups of warm water. Using a sponge or rag, apply your solution to the granite counter. Keep on doing this until your remove all the stains from the counter.

When cleaning and polishing your granite counter, make sure you wear gloves. You should also avoid applying a granite polish that has acidic ingredients in it, like vinegar and lemon. This kind of polish will ruin your granite surface, as it leaves permanent markings on it.


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