How To Shine Pergo Floors

Many homeowners today choose Pergo floors. Since Pergo floors are designed as a floating floor, it doesn't need to be nailed or glued to your subfloors. You only need to fasten the planks together. This will utilize unique grooves, which will create more durable, low maintenance flooring. Although most people are aware that Pergo floors are easy to maintain, only a few know how to actually do it.

If you want to shine your Pergo floors, you may think that you need to refinish or wax your floor. But the great thing about Pergo floors is that it does not require refinishing or waxing to make it shine. The following steps will guide you on the proper way of caring for your Pergo floor.

  1. Gather your cleaning materials. In order for you to shine your Pergo floor, you will need nail polish remover or denatured alcohol, dust mop or vacuum cleaner, Pergo finishing putty, water, ammonia or vinegar and a bucket. You may also use hand gloves to maintain proper hygiene when cleaning your Pergo floor.
  2. Remove the spots and stains. For stubborn spots and stains, use nail polish remover. Get a rag and place a small amount of nail polish remover. Gently wipe the stain until it is removed. Apply a spray cleaner suitable for Pergo floors. Never use regular spray cleaners. This can damage your floor. After applying a spray cleaner, wipe the floor with a cloth moth, preferably made of micro-fiber. Another method you can use to remove the spots and stains from your Pergo floor is to use denatured alcohol. This is very useful in removing stubborn stains on hard surfaces. Make sure you are cautious when using denatured alcohol. This is poisonous and dangerous.
  3. Repair damages on your Pergo floor. If your Pergo floor has some damages, you can repair the damages by using Pergo finishing putty. However, this is only good for damages that are smaller than ¼ inch. If the damage to your Pergo floor is larger, you might need to replace the entire tile.
  4. Clean your Pergo floor. When cleaning Pergo floors, the first thing you need to do is to remove dust and debris from the floor. Use a vacuum cleaner or a dust mop to do this. After making sure that your floor is free from dust, mix a cleaning solution. Mix 1 gallon of water with 1 cup of vinegar. You can also replace the vinegar with 1/3 cup of ammonia. After preparing your solution, mop your floor once again, now with the cleaning solution. Once you are done, dry the floor. Use a micro-fiber towel to avoid streaks.
  5. You may opt to use a Pergo flooring cleaning kit. To make things easier, you can also purchase a Pergo flooring cleaning kit. The kit is composed of all the necessary materials needed to make your Pergo floor clean and shiny. You can find this kit on various stores.

These are the steps on how to make your Pergo floor shiny. Remember to never use regular floor cleaners when cleaning your Pergo floor. This will only damage your floor as well as remove its shine.


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