How To Shop for an Outdoor Shower

Outdoor showers are fun and functional. They give a feeling of going back to nature. It feels natural and refreshing to use outdoor showers. They are also good supplement to outdoor pools or even to a beachfront property. Instead of enjoying a shower inside the house, you can easily rinse off within the pool area.

There are a few things to consider on how to shop for an outdoor shower. With these in mind, the whole process of shopping, buying and installing an outdoor shower will be easy.

  1. Location, location, location. Consider the location of the outdoor shower. Everything rests on this facet. The type and design and the cost of the outdoor shower will depend on this. Selecting a location could be based on some factors. The existence of plumbing is one. Another factor is the location in respect to the pool or beach. It should be within a comfortable distance. The shower must not get in the way of other activities. The existence of drainage or pathway of used water is a good factor to be aware of. This in itself can cause problems if water is not drained properly. Used water might pool in lower areas of the property. When the shower is used several times, flooding might be experienced. The drainage water could destroy garden plants, equipment and furniture.
  2. Plumbing situation. Plumbing is essential. Pipes which carry water should be used, not just a water hose. Depending on the type of plumbing and shower type, anyone has an option to install a cold and hot water shower or a cold-water shower only. If there are no plumbing lines available, contact a plumber. Get an estimate from the plumber. Detail where and how the plumbing lines should run. Ask for options and other factors in pipe laying. Evaluate the cost of putting up new pipes.
  3. Design and function. Select the outdoor shower design. The market is full of simple or creative designs. You can opt for a private outdoor shower, which is also known as the cubicle type. Cubicle showers feature privacy for the user. People can use the cubicle to shower completely naked and change their clothes. Another shower type is the pedestal type. The pedestal shower is easily installed and inexpensive. It can also be moved from one location to another. The most common outdoor shower type is the wall kind. The showerhead is attached to an existing wall, fed by a pipe. This is easily installed but not all locations have ready piping for shower use. Hot and cold showers will require two pipelines. A cold and a hot water piping can be costly. Inquire regarding the upkeep of a two-temperature water system.
  4. Drainage problem. With the help of a plumber, the drainage for the shower could be handled easily. Just remember that drain water should run along an area concealed to keep it sanitary.

Shopping for an outdoor shower is easy. As long as some factors are taken into consideration, one can enjoy a functioning outdoor shower in no time.


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