How To Shop for Door Frames

A door can just be a door to you. However, don’t you know that aside from its protection factor, it also defines your house and sense of style? Yes, if you get great doors and door frames, your house will be a portrait of elegance or a statement of being classy. Therefore, it is important that doors are very well matched with the frames.

If you are trying to get a new frame for your door, you need to very well know how to properly shop for the right frame—one that does not only look beautiful but durable as well. Here, check out how you can shop for great door frames:

  1. Size of the space. The first thing you need to do is to know the overall height and width of the space you will be installing the door framing. You need to measure this perfectly to ensure that you will find a perfectly fitted door frame for the space. Since door frames can be purchased in a made-to-order basis, it is a must for you to properly check this specification.
  2. Type of Door. Now, after you learned about the figures, check the type of the door you will be installing. Remember that different door types require different kinds of frames. For example, the door framing is a different setup if it is for a pocket door installation. Same is true if it is a glass door, it requires a unique door frame.
  3. Contractors. Find a specialist in door framing in your area. It is best to get two or more contractors and compare their offers through price and quality. Specify to them the type and size of door frame you want to have. If you want convenience in your shopping, you can get the help of online shops.
  4. Quality of frames. In terms of choosing a good frame, check whether all the parts especially the door jamb is well-constructed. Make sure that you go to a contractor that makes quality frames. The way they make the door jamb determines how well-built the overall framing is.
  5. Order the frames. After you have chosen where to get the door frames, you are now ready to place your order. Just make sure that you give the proper specifications of what you need for the work. One wrong figure can ruin your overall project.
  6. Request for installation. In most cases, aside from delivery services, companies catering door framing also offers installation. If you cannot do the door frame installation yourself, better let the professional do that. More often than not, this is a good option so the manufacturer can try and see themselves how their works meet your specifications. If the frame needs more adjustment, then they can do that immediately while installing the frame.

Now, looking for the right door frames is very easy, whether you need the frame for a steel door or a pocket door installation. Remember that aside from its decorative purposes, the frame has a functional purpose as well. Don’t forget that the frame must be durable enough for your door’s needs.


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