How To Shop for Furniture Casters

Furniture caster wheels

It can be a bear to move furniture around, especially if you’re one of those people who like to frequently move around furniture to create new settings inside your home or in the office! Apart from chairs, which you can easily lift and carry, I can’t think of any furniture piece where you don’t have to expend too much effort to move it around. Besides, what about the damage to your floors because of dragging or accidental dents in the wall, etc?

What then, is the solution to this problem? The answer is one word, ‘casters’! Casters are small rollers or sliders which are fitted at the end of chair legs or the bottom surfaces of other types of furniture. Originally used only on chairs, casters can be attached to any piece of furniture, which enables easy movement, without scratching or dragging across floor surfaces. Here’s some helpful information on furniture casters and how to shop for them.

Types of furniture casters
Furniture casters are manufactured as wheels or flat gliders. Caster wheels can be further categorized into single, double or ball-wheel casters. If furniture is to be moved around frequently, then using wheel casters is best, while gliders are used for balance and stability for furniture or other equipment which does not get moved as frequently.

Matching casters to furniture

The weight and surface area of a piece of furniture are the main determinants when deciding on the type of furniture casters you need to buy. Furniture which is light and compact – a chair or a trolley – requires no more than four single-wheel casters. Other pieces which are bigger and bulkier need double or ball-wheel casters, which distribute the weight across the bottom surface, providing both stability and mobility.

Caster materials
Furniture and other types of casters are made of different materials, depending upon the purpose for which they’re used – industrial, retail, etc. Typically, rubber, nylon, and polyurethane casters are used for home, office or retail furniture, of which nylon casters should be used for carpeted or covered floors only. Casters made of steel are used for rough surfaces or in areas where heat or humidity are high. Listed below are a few examples of which furniture casters are used for different floor types…

  • Soft rubber casters: soft and hard wood floors, tiles, marble, linoleum, etc.
  • Nylon casters: carpeted or matted floors
  • Polyurethane: all floor types except soft wood, vinyl flooring or painted concrete surfaces.
  • Steel or other metal casters: rough floor surfaces, industrial flooring, hard surfaces such as tarmac, etc.

Where to buy
Furniture casters can be found in hardware stores, large furniture and home décor chains such as Home Depot, Sears, etc. Some manufacturers also sell directly to customers; otherwise you can go through regular wholesale and distributor channels. Finally, there’s always the Internet, where you can browse through manufacturer catalogs and even order customized casters to match your interior decorating scheme!

Simply, keep the above information in mind when you set out to shop for furniture casters and you shouldn’t have any trouble at all!


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