How To Shorten Miniblinds

Miniblinds are the ideal window covering for areas with a small space. They do not take up much, and are much less bulky than curtains and drapes. It is great to use during summer, as it lets just enough sun in. It also provides less insulation, so any room becomes cooler. Miniblinds in the wrong length can really throw off a room’s design. However, it can be hard to find one that can perfectly fit your windows. Instead of looking for the perfect-sized miniblinds, you can modify your existing ones so they are the perfect length. A few simple tips will help you do this task.

Here are the tips on how to shorten miniblinds:

  1. Install the miniblind. This will help you estimate just how much you need to take off. If you want, you can mark the panel where you want the miniblind to end. This gives you a clear idea just how short it needs to be. Make sure that the bottom of the window blind sits perfectly on your window sill. You can use a tape measure to see how long it needs to be. However, keep in mind to consider the base when measuring.
  2. Uninstall the miniblind and set it on a stable surface. You want to lay the miniblinds flat out, or hang it between two fixtures. Chairs would be most advisable, but you can simply lay the miniblind flat on a sturdy table. Make sure that all of the panels are evenly closed.
  3. Start disassembling. To remove panels from your miniblind, first take off the plastic plugs which secure the panels together. Make sure that the other panels do not slide off, as you will have a hard time putting them back together. Undo the knots on each side of the miniblind’s bottom rail. Use a screwdriver to pop off the plastic plugs to avoid damage.
  4. Remove the miniblind’s base. Do this very carefully, as you do not want other panels to slide off. Once the base is off, you can easily start removing panels. Take note of your measurements. Make sure that you only remove the necessary slats. Marking the last slat to remove would be a good way to keep track of the length. The worst thing than miniblinds that are too long are miniblinds that are too short.
  5. Re-assemble your miniblind. Once you are satisfied with the length of the blind, you can start putting your base back on. Although there will be more string than necessary, do not cut it off. It may be useful to you in the future. Pop the plugs back in to secure the panels together. Remember to keep the slats you have removed from the window. They can serve as replacement slats when others get damaged.

In five steps, you can easily turn miniblinds that are too long into perfect-sized window coverings. With these simple tips, you can successfully shorten your miniblinds.


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