How To Siphon a Pool

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If you have a pool at home, it would be best to maintain it regularly. Aside from cleaning the walls underneath the pool, you should also learn how to drain the water from the pool. When not changed regularly, bacteria and germs could collect in the pool water, along with other debris such as leaves, trash and dead bugs. Using a siphon is a great way to drain your pool. A siphon is a U-shaped tube. It uses gravity to transfer the water to another location. If you want to learn how to siphon a pool, you should remember a few simple steps. They will help you siphon your pool easier and faster.

Here are a few simple tips on how to siphon a pool:

  1. You can siphon a pool using a motor pump or a sump pump. A pump will make getting water out of your pool a breeze. It is specially designed to transfer water from one place to another. Because you are not relying on gravity to do the work for you, you will get much faster results, and greater efficiency. All you have to do is turn the pump on backwash and drain your pool. Make sure that it is in skimmer level. Do not let the pump suck the pool dry of water. This might damage the motor of the pump. Generally, pump motors are used for pools that are very large. For regular pools, you can choose to use a normal siphon without the help of any motor.
  2. Make sure that your pump is at the bottom of your pool so that it can siphon out as much water as it can. Also, stop adding chlorine or other chemicals to the pool water a few weeks before siphoning your pool. The chemicals could really damage your motors and even the tube. It would be a good idea to always check the pH levels of the pool water before draining.
  3. You can choose between a lot of different kinds of siphon pumps, so you get the right kind of siphon you need. Heat siphons are great for heating your pools. However, if you need more basic functions, a simple electric pump should do the job.
  4. You can choose to install a hydrostatic pressure relief valve if you  have an in-ground or sunken swimming pool. This mechanism is used so you don’t have to use a pressure pump anymore. All you have to do is twist the valve. The pressure inside the pool will then force the water out through the siphon.
  5. You can drain your pool using a siphon manually. However, it does take a lot of time. lf you have to do is fill the hose with water, and them kink one end (cover one end of the hose). Then, all you have to do is submerge the kinked end in the pool. The pressure will drain the pool by itself.

Siphoning doesn’t have to be a lot of hard work. These simple tips will help you siphon your pool easily.


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