How To Splatter Paint Walls

A big house with no paint sounds like "boring."  You can paint the wall and choose from widely available color paints, yet you need to hire a professional to do the job.   Nowadays, people are now able to paint their walls on their own, making it full of life and attractive.  Splattering the walls is becoming the fashion of abstract fans, decorating their walls with very distinctive designs. Since splattering paints is done in a free form way, there is no particular or correct way of creating it.  The good thing about it is that you are decorating your walls and making yourself more creative and more imaginative.

Basic stuff you need to prepare:

  • Tins of paint
  • Old sheet of papers
  • A variety of paint brushes' sizes
  • Funnel,
  • Balloons
  • Ragged clothes
  • Spray containers or even water gun

You need to safely protect your floor from flyaway paints so cover the floor with old sheets of paper and the ceiling, as well, if it is not going to be painted. You better cover your body too, like wearing gloves and old clothes so as not to have difficulties removing paint in you.

The most familiar way of splattering paint is by using paintbrush. Experiment in splatter painting by utilizing different sizes and shapes of brushes.  Each one would be resulting differently so continue painting the wall the way it fascinates you, because experimentation is the vital key to a good splattered wall.

Making use of your balloons, fill it up with paint by using a funnel.  Tie the balloon up and randomly hurl in into the wall. Another idea is by pinning the balloons in the wall then hurling darts on them to spread the paint, if creating holes will be just fine to you.

Now it's the spurt bottle and water gun's turn to be used in splattering.  Before filling it out with paint, check it first by putting water and knowing if it sprays from a long distance.  It if is, well it is a good choice.  Fill it up now with paint, test it on first in the old sheets of paper, then carefully splatter in on the wall with your desired looks and technique.

Try experimenting with your old or ragged clothes by dipping it the paint, flipping the wall, same as what you did with the paint brushes.  What the splatters look like depends on the size and amount of fabric and paint you will utilize.

Another excellent way to splatter is by applying patterns.  It so simple since you could use everyday objects found in your surroundings to outlines to splatter.  One example, you can make a flower by using a flat shaped flower from your garden. You post or stick it to your wall, continue splattering and when the paint has dried up, you can now remove the flower.  It will leave an outline of a flower in your wall. 

Always remember that the possibilities are never-ending.  With your creativity and boldness in mind, expect a great work ahead.


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