How To Stop Drafty Sliding Doors

Are you wondering why your room does not heat up or get cooled properly even if the heater or air conditioning unit is in full blast? If your electric bills start to blow up but you do not get enough out of the heater or air conditioner, check your sliding doors. There might be some problems with them.

Aside from bad insulation caused by glass sliding doors, another common cause of this problem is air leakage. Weather-stripping in your sliding doors might be worn out already and lessens the ability of your door to stop air from coming in. It could also be that the rollers do not exactly fit on the frame and it does not seal or lock in properly. Either case gives extra space for air to pass through the door easily.

By choosing good quality sliding doors, you can avoid having to suffer from drafts.  Here are some useful suggestions that you can try to stop drafty sliding doors:

  • Weather-stripping.  Make sure it has a long-lasting and durable weather-stripping system so you would not encounter draft problems in the future.
  • Frame.  Also, you must make sure that the frames of the sliding doors are built properly. The doors must fit into the frame perfectly and they must seal in well.
  • Movement.  For the first few days after the sliding doors have been installed, check regularly if the sliding doors function properly. You’ll know if the doors are in good working condition if you are able to move the doors easily with one hand.
  • Flaws and Defects.  Check for any defects immediately or as constantly as possible so that it can be repaired fast.
  • Roller Obstruction.  Objects stuck in the pathway of the rollers could also create drafts. Some of them include hair strands, piles of dust, food particles, dead insects and sorts. You must clear these things out so that the rollers can work smoothly and air would not pass through.
  • Locking.  When opening or closing the door, you must be conscious and keep in mind to close it properly. Sometimes, even if the doors are not defective drafts still exist because the sliding doors are not locked in place, as it should be.
  • Regular Checkups.  Maintenance is also a must with sliding doors. Even if you are sure of the quality of the product, it never hurts to have it checked regularly to prevent future damage and the bigger cost that goes with it.
  • DIY Repairs.  If the draft already exists, and you can not get it fixed at the soonest possible time yet, you can purchase the adhesive-type weather-stripping at home depots. It is easy to use since you will just be sticking it to the frame near the part where the air passes through.
  • Draft Stoppers.  If you can not find any adhesive-type weather-stripping, there are alternatives that are available as well. There are temporary draft stoppers that still act like weather-stripping. You can still purchase them at home depots or quick-fix shops.

Many of these tips are very effective at stopping drafty sliding doors.  So, try them so that you won’t have to experience drafts in your living space.


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