How To Store Chemical Laboratory Supplies

There is a lot of laboratory equipment that needs special care in order for it to last. These materials have to be stored the right way, especially since a lot of chemical laboratory equipment is expensive. There are special containers and storage organizers that have to be used for this equipment. Some of these storage equipment can be for cold storage, for laboratory plastic ware, for hazardous materials and more.

Here are some tips on the storage solutions that are used in the chemical laboratory:

  1. General purpose laboratory refrigerators. Laboratory refrigerators are one of the most common storage equipment you can find in a laboratory. These refrigerators are used for equipment that are temperature sensitive and some chemicals that need to be stored in a certain temperature. These laboratory generators can be customized based on the needs in the laboratory.
  2. Freezer racks. Freezer racks are a common storage fixture in the laboratory. Freezer racks are for microtiter plates, sample tubes, bottles and other glass items that are found in the chemical laboratory. The freezer racks are used so that the items inside the freezer will be organized and separated from each other. The items that are placed inside the freezer racks are the ones that needed to be in low temperatures.
  3. Washing and sterilization. Other storage devices are also used for sterilizing and washing the items that are used in the laboratory. Glassware, such as test tubes, beakers and others are placed inside glassware washers and then in sterilizers. This is done to decontaminate the equipment and have them ready for the next use.
  4. Safety cabinets. Safety storage cabinets are used for containing hazardous chemicals that can cause accidents in the laboratory. The cabinet acts as a safety device so that the chemicals are not exposed in the laboratory. Some of the items that are put inside the safety cabinets are flammables, corrosives, pesticides and combustible materials.
  5. Explosion proof refrigerators. These refrigerators are designed to hold equipment that may contain flammable materials but need to be kept in a low temperature. These refrigerators are explosion proof so they are safe to use in the laboratory.
  6. Inventory systems. Inventory systems are commonly seen in laboratories. They are the open storage units that have a lot of space for storing different types of laboratory equipment. The container is made in such a way that you can see all the materials that are placed on the rack. Some of these inventory systems also have wheels so that they can easily be transported or moved in the laboratory.

These are some of the storage devices and the equipment that is placed inside them. It is important to have a separate storage facility for different kinds of chemicals, solutions and equipment that are used as putting them together may result in a chemical reaction and cause accidents in the laboratory. In handling chemicals in the laboratory, you also have to wear safety gear, especially when using and mixing substances that can result in explosions.


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