How To Store Leftover Latex Paint

As always, it is hard to buy an enough amount of latex paint for a painting job. One way or another, there will always be some leftover one that you have no intention of using for the next five years or so. With this, throwing it away is not the only option anymore. You can surely store the latex paint and use it without problem even after a few years already.

As you know, keeping leftover paint in its original container is not a good idea for storing it. After some time, the container becomes too rusty, leaving some stains to the paint. Hence, the paint is no longer perfect for another project. However, you can follow these tips on how you can successfully store your leftover latex paint for future use:

  1. Prepare a container for the leftover latex paint. Know how much leftover paint you will be having for the current project. Then, grab a plastic container that can hold the paint for storage purposes.
  2. Clean the container. It is necessary that you have prepared the container in advance so that you have the time to clean it carefully. Make sure that both its outside and inside are immaculately clean. Then, allow the container to dry. However, you don't need it to be completely dry as little drops of water inside are fine for the latex paint.
  3. Pour the paint into the container. Get a funnel and place it right in the lid of the container. Then, pour the paint slowly, especially if it is too thick. Thick latex paints need a long time before they can be successfully transferred into the container. You can use a paint brush to help the last drops of the paint into the container.
  4. Allow some air into the container. Before sealing the container with the leftover latex paint, you need to force some carbon dioxide inside the container. This is necessary in preventing the paint to skin over. You can do this by holding a deep breath and exhaling it into the container. Then, place a plastic wrap quickly on top of the container.
  5. Cover the container. Get the container's cover and seal it on top of the plastic wrap. The plastic wrap is necessary so that it will still be easy to open the container even when some of the paint in the lid hardens already.
  6. Label the container. Once it is properly sealed, you can appropriately label it with some information. You can simply get a masking tape and write down the brand of the paint, its type, its base color, date, and the like. It will also be helpful to indicate what part of your house you have used the paint for.

Now that you have finished preparing the leftover paint for storage, you need to store it in any place of your home that will not encourage the paint to freeze. If you do this perfectly, you can be certain that the latex paint you have used today can still be used after a couple of years or so.


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