How To Subscribe to a Plant Nursery Catalog

Managing a nursery as a form of gardening is a very detailed and demanding hobby that requires the utmost passion, care and discipline. It requires you to grow and manage delicate seedlings; these must be carefully placed on special flower beds and are usually kept inside a greenhouse. The thing with these seedlings or young plants is they are usually seasonal, or can only be obtained during a particular time of year.

A gardener who is into plant nursery must always keep track and be updated for the availability of these seedlings. An effective way to do this is to subscribe in online plant nursery catalogs that offer not only seedlings but basically anything that has to do with nursery gardening.

There are numerous online garden nursery retailers and wholesalers that offer different catalogue systems to keep their subscribers well informed of any updates. Most of the time, the links to these catalogs are already posted on the main website for better recognition. Here is a list of a few popular nursery gardening sites known for their online ordering systems, user-friendly navigation, site reputation and catalog subscription system:

  1. Musser Forests, Inc. This is an Indiana County, PA-based company that has been tending quality plants for more than 70 years. Their online store is easy to navigate and boasts a wide selection of flowers and tree varieties. Musser provides interested people with free catalogs along with information on plant care, tree care and planting. Visit their link for seedling costs and catalog request.
  2. Cascade Forestry. This company has been in the business for 22 years. Cascade Forestry caters to both government and private demand, offering over 100 conifers, shrubs and hardwoods of nursery farms. Cascade also accompanies their online catalogs with basic planting information and professional assistance.
  3. Greenwood Nursery. This is a McMinnville, TN-based company that started and grew its craft 20 years ago. The online catalog system and store is well designed and very savvy to use. Added to that, their online catalog comes with "free trees" for subscriber.
  4. Carino Nurseries. This is an Indiana County, PA-based company and was founded by A.F. Carino in 1946. Carino focuses on spruces, firs and pines. A free catalog offers an engaging virtual tour of the nursery.
  5. Virginia Department of Forestry. This is the only government supplier in the list; they have been around for 85 years. The site of the VDF is very user-friendly, but the catalog is only available as an online version.

These are a few suggested websites that offer plant nursery catalog subscriptions. One you are routed to the application page, basic information will be asked, like your full name, address and subscription options. These are then stored in the sites' databases for tracking and profiling purposes.  From there, your subscription will start and you will basically just check your email or mailbox at home.


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