How To Sweep a Floor

When we were kids, Sunday afternoons were a different time. We would often see Mom cleaning up a storm. She would be washing the dishes, cleaning out the oven and even clearing out the garage and attic. You think to yourself that if she sees you, she will ask you to do something.

You tried to sneak out silently. Tiptoeing through the living room, you hope she does not hear you. Unfortunately your mom, or every mom in the world, has ears like a lynx and there will be no escape. There is no way you can get out there alive.

We have firsthand experience on how to sweep a floor. It is easy but with a few tips on sweeping floors, you can do it like a pro. Maybe you can do it well enough to make your Mom proud. 

Get a good broom. There are only two things you need--a broom and a floor. The other things you will need you already have on your body. Look for a broom with a broad end to sweep it faster.  If you are cleaning a large hall or gymnasium, abandon the traditional broom and consider a dust mop to sweep a floor. Lastly, look into using a specialized broom like a push broom for outdoor floors. Sweep a floor like concrete or pebble wash-out using a push broom for maximum efficiency.

Get the area ready. To clean an area faster, look to remove all of the obstacles in the area. Remove rugs furniture, carpets and other possible obstructions. Close off the area from foot traffic so that other people won’t step on the stuff you sweep. Additionally, make sure that the fan is off or the ventilation will only blow all of the dust all over the place again.

Start sweeping. Starting from one corner of the room, sweep the floor by rapidly moving the broom across the floor. Pull the broom lightly across to floor to pull debris and dust toward the center of the room. Systematically, build small piles of debris at the center of the room and repeat the same steps for the other corners of the room.

Pick it all up. Once you have built several small piles or one big pile in the middle of the room, sweep the pile unto a dustpan. After your pick-up the dustpan, there will be a line of dust formed. Move your dustpan back by an inch or two and sweep again. Continue doing this until you remove all of the dust from the floor. Throw the collected dust and debris into a trash bin.

Congratulations! You have now completely swept a floor. Good for you. Now hang up that broom with the broom head up and get ready to go out and have some fun.  Let us just hope your Mom doesn’t hear you sneaking out.


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