How To Take Care of a Gravel Driveway

Your driveway can give an initial glimpse into how you value the look and feel of your home. If you are one of the few who have a gravel driveway, then you must know how easily it can go from gorgeously paved driveway to a disheveled mess. You have to do your part to keep what you have painstakingly built in good condition to last you a long time.

  1. For the simple stuff, if you see the gravel stones going over the line you have set up for the driveway, immediately sweep them back inside the line.
  2. Your driveway should be set up to prevent water from accumulating. The middle part of the driveway should be set up higher from the rest to have water drain off properly. This is called the center crown.
  3. If you have drainage ditches on the side of the driveway then make sure that you always clean and have crushed rocks on it to continuously take in water. It should always be deep enough to absorb the water coming from the driveway.
  4. Remember how easy and cheap you made a dull driveway look pretty good with gravel? Then you have to know that maintaining this type of driveway is not easy. It will someday be a tangle of dirt and weeds. To avoid this, you have to clear out weeds once a week. Get a spray that removes weeds from any garden shop. This is a preventive measure but will not guarantee complete weed removal.
  5. If there are stubborn weeds on the driveway, pour boiling water over the weeds. It’s environmentally friendly and could save you a few bucks.
  6. During autumn it gets harder to maintain a gravel driveway. Leaves will scatter around the area and on top of your gravel. Best thing to do here is get a leaf blower, it will remove all the leaves that are light enough to be taken out. There might be more than a few leaves stuck in places so you have no choice but to rake them out.
  7. Raking however will cause the displacement of gravel so you have to rake them back into their usual place. Make sure you flatten the area to level up with the other undisturbed gravel. If you cannot do this manually you can get a weighted metal frame that can give you a better finish.
  8. If you see any holes, fill it up as soon as you can. Fill out potholes immediately with sand. You can top it with gravel putting more on top then level it by having your car pass through the area.
  9. One day, your gravel driveway will lose its leveling. It is inevitable so you would need to relay the gravel and redo everything.

Maintaining a gravel driveway takes time and effort. If you do this routinely however, you will save yourself a few more years for costly repairing. You just need to take care of this area so it would be a welcoming sight each time you come home.


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