How To Take Down an Above Ground Pool

Unlike the regular pool where you practically have to dig down and attach some tiles to hold the water, an above ground pool is a type of swimming pool that is portable and can be quickly installed on any flat ground.  This is perfect for anyone who has an empty yard at home.  Why don’t you convert it into your very own paradise?  In order for you to successfully create a bona fide resort, you need good food and an enjoyable pool! 

Producing delicious dishes is easy and fast. However, creating a recreational pool out of thin air is truly a challenging task.  Or is it?  Think very carefully!  With an above ground pool, you can literally make your very own pool within the day.  You do not need to wait for several weeks or months to enjoy your own swimming lounge!  It pretty much works like a big basin.  It is usually made out of durable plastic (or vinyl) and it can last forever in your back yard.  The best part is, it can be removed quite easily!  Professional help is not at all needed.  All you have to do is to follow these very simple steps.  Read on to learn more.

  1. Drain it!  Drain all the water out from your above ground pool.  You can easily do this by attaching your vacuum hose at the bottom of your pool.  Now adjust the pool’s system to the waste or drainage setting.  Make sure that you firmly hold the hose at the bottom.  Wait for the water to come out and start vacuuming it all out. 
  2. Remove the filter system.  Now you need to take the filter system apart.  Just unhook the pump, remove the filter system and disassemble the skimmer.
  3. Disconnect the pipes.  Take down the pipes by removing the caps first.  Disassemble the ledge, the top rail and the coping strip.  Go deeper by disconnecting the pool liner and all the plates starting from the top going down to the bottom parts.
  4. Strip the wall down.  By this time, you can easily open the wall.  Put it down and start folding it up.  Make sure that it is completely drained out of water.  You do not need to wipe it dry.  Vinyl always contracts on warm temperature so a little bit of moisture will prevent it from cracking.

See how easy it is to take down an above ground pool?  These are the things that you need to follow so make sure that you carefully read and understand each step.  With this hassle-free process, you can definitely get your money’s worth.  Just make sure that you always read the instruction manual that came with your pool to ensure that you are not missing out on anything.  Now what are you waiting for?  Just start doing these steps to successfully take your above ground pool down.  Be very careful when you are doing it, it can get pretty slippery so make sure that you wear flat rubber shoes for better friction.


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