How To Take Pomegranate Plant Cuttings

If you have a little bit of gardening talent and have always enjoyed the flavorful taste of pomegranates then you might want to give some consideration to growing your own pomegranate plant cuttings. The fruit of a pomegranate is delicious, healthy and can be used in a variety of recipes. The pomegranate tree which originated in Europe was introduced by Spanish settlers in California in 1769.

It has a long rich history and growing the tree is relatively simple. The fruit of a pomegranate tree will produce juice or fresh fruit they can be made into smoothies, jellies, gelatin desserts, syrups and refreshing drinks. Overall it doesn’t require a lot of care once it’s established and you can reap the rewards with some very tasty fruit.

If you’re interested in cultivating pomegranate plant cuttings, the main requirement is that you have the proper climate, basically not to hot or too cold. They adapt well to semi-arid climates of Arizona and California. Pomegranate trees can be damaged if the temperature drops below 12 degrees Fahrenheit but they do well in cool winters and hot summers. Subtropical climates are not recommended because they rarely set fruit in that type of climate.

Pomegranate trees will typically grow from 12 to 16 feet in height, though there are some dwarf varieties that will be smaller. You certainly should try growing some pomegranate plant cuttings, because they can adapt well to container gardening and some have even been known to last for 200 years. A mature tree of about three years of age will produce its first fruit.

Pomegranate plant cuttings can be obtained from different sources to get you started on your own tree. First off check around your neighborhood, perhaps a neighbor wouldn’t mind you taking a cutting. It won’t damage the tree and it probably could use some pruning anyway. You can order pomegranate plant cuttings online or visit your local nursery.

If you take the pomegranate plant cuttings yourself, use a clean cutting instrument and make the cut on a diagonal slant. The best places to take your cuttings from the tree are the succulents or hardwoods. The preferred time of year to take your twelve to 20 inch cutting is in the winter from a mature one-year old wood. Remove the leaves from the cutting and dip the end in a rooting hormone and then insert two-thirds of the length into the soil.

You must water frequently till the cuttings get established. Plants can be fertilized once the new root system has been established. Creating pomegranate trees from plant cuttings is one of the easiest procedures and usually more successful than trying to grow from seeds. As you can see pomegranate plant cuttings are not really hard to get started and you will have delicious fruit for years to come.


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