How To Tile an Outdoor Table

Some old tables can be refurnished by laying on a tile surface. Since recycling is a big part of this project, you can use leftover tiles from previous projects to create a mosaic table.

Prepare the materials: tiles, adhesive, sealer, sponge, grout, dust mask, masking tape, and washcloth.

Clean the table surface. Removing the dust and dirt will allow the adhesive to stick to the surface better.

Cover the wood surface portions with masking tape. This will protect the finish from the adhesive and grout, which you will apply later.

Arrange the tiles. Checking out to see if you have enough tiles first before adhering them will let you find out if need more tiles. The larger tiles should be placed near the center of the table, with progressively smaller tiles surrounding them at the edges. Choose tiles with the same thickness to create an even-looking appearance. You can also pick tiles with differing colors to add a fun character to your project. Finally, you can put the larger tiles in a cloth bag and hit them with a hammer to create smaller, uneven shapes.

Let the adhesive fix the tile to the surface for around half and hour. Read the back of the adhesive container to find the proper way to apply it; you can also talk to the hardware store personnel for the correct type of adhesive to use. It will also let you find out if it’s the correct adhesive for the type of tile and surface you are using. Apply only a dab of adhesive on the back of each piece, to prevent it from oozing out when pressed on the table.

Grout the tiles. Choose a grout color to accentuate your tiles, or use an additive to create different-colored grout all over the surface. Spread it in small sections and press it within the cracks between the tiles. Leave enough grout to cover the sharp edges of the broken tiles. Sponge away the excess grout and leave it to dry for half an hour. A haze will develop over the tile surface once the grout hardens at this point, so wipe off the haze with a clean cloth and water. File the rough edges with a metal file.

After 24 hours, apply a sealer all over the tile surface. This is prevent the grout from staining and cracking, which is a good idea as your tabled will be exposed to the elements as well as outdoor food.

Wait one more day for the sealer to dry, and then start showing off your beautiful, easy to clean table.

Tiling your own outdoor table can save you lots of money as compared to buying it from a store. Make sure to have enough adhesive, tiles and grout for your project. Once they start drying, it’s very difficult to restart the tiling process. With a little effort and creativity, that pretty piece of furniture that’s built to withstand the elements can be your centerpiece for outdoor activities with friends.


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