How To Transform your Home with Slipcovers

There are many advantages of decorating with slipcovers vs. new furniture or reupholstering. It used to be that slipcovers were baggy, not-so-attractive devices that were used more for cover-up than for style. While slipcovers are still highly practical, letting you hide an unsightly stain, they have come of age and are now decorative tools in their own right. Additionally, slipcovers are environmentally conscious, letting you recycle used furniture instead of dumping it for new, and often inferior, furniture.

The decorative power of slipcovers lies in their versatility. They can be used to coordinate a room full of mismatched pieces or transform the style of a room from frumpy to trendy. You can use slipcovers to deck a room out for the holidays or cool it off for the summer months, all while simultaneously protecting your furniture.

Step 1

Slipcovers are often the solution for many decorating quandaries. Here are some tips for using them to your advantage:

• Use slipcovers to help you sell your home. They will instantly update and refresh dated furniture, making the home more appealing to potential buyers. Best of all, you get to take the slipcovers with you when you move.

• Throwing a party? Turn ordinary folding chairs into elegant seating with chair slipcovers. Choose a washable fabric in winter white or a pale neutral and accent for each season or holiday by tying a seasonal fabric sash around the back of the chair and tying into a pretty bow. Choose seasonal red or green velvet sashes for Christmas, hearts for Valentines and florals for summer.

• An old favorite recliner can go from comfortable eye sore to comfortable accent with a new slipcover that makes its ugly dated upholstery simply disappear.

• Make a total style transformation in a room with faux leather slipcovers. The minor wrinkles and imperfections of the material give it a worn comfortable appeal and they fit equally well on either overstuffed or tailored furniture, lending a more contemporary feel. Damask and suede are other options that you may choose from if you want to maintain a traditional flavor but opt out of your dated printed upholstery.

Step 2

Reupholster or Slipcover?

When you start shopping around for slipcovers, they may seem a bit pricey.  But when you compare them to the price of reupholstering, they’re actually very affordable. Most furniture made since the 1980’s is simply not worth the price of reupholstering, but if you have an antique or good quality piece of furniture, it may be worth reupholstering. In many cases, however, a slipcover will provide the style or practical fix you need at a significantly lower cost.

Slipcovers come in one-size-fits-all and custom fit options, with many companies specializing in custom fitting. This means that you have an excellent chance of getting a perfect fit for your furniture at a price that is just a little higher than one-size-fits-all. The problem with many one-size-fits-all slipcovers is that they need to be smoothed and tucked in after nearly every use. Of course, if you sew you can make your own slipcovers. The internet offers many websites that outline the process for you; you’ll also find the best fabric sources online.

How-to specialist Angela Glancy, writes regularly for American Artisan Art, and has many creative ideas on how to decorate with wall art sculptures, contemporary metal art and metal wall sculptures

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