How To Treat Termites

Photo of termite colony

Termites pose serious problems for your house if left untreated. They can do damage more than what you can imagine and over time they can literally chew your house down. So before anything drastic happens, here are possible things to do to treat your termite problems.

  • Inspection of the whole house. Remember to start the treatment at the moment you know that you have termite problems. Have professionals to deal with it. Initially have them inspect all corners of your house as there might be more underlying problems than what you can see. Get the inspection done and ask for the estimated cost for everything that is to be done. 
  • Treatments. There are different treatments that could be used for termite problems. You can consider the following options.
    • Fumigation. This is considered as the first option even during in the earlier years in treating pest problems. This method renders fumes that are lethal to them including live termites. Though effective to kill live termites, fumigation has little effects to the eggs or even the queen termite. This means that there is a probability that the problem may recur in the near future. Another downside of this is that while the fumigation process is in progress, you must leave your house and come back a few hours later.
    • Chemical soil treatments. This is done through directly applying termiticide to the soil within your house’s area. The main advantage of using this method is it helps you avoid the hassle of using in house treatment. It’s best to have warranties and assurance from your preferred termite control company. But take note that this is not altogether effective if let alone as treatment.
    • Direct wood treatments. This allows you to utilize your desired termite killing products to be applies directly on any woodworks in your house. Treated woods will definitely repel termites and deprive them of their food source.
    • Electro gun method. This uses a hand held device that literally electrocutes termites. It works by sending lethal voltages of electricity to the termites but low enough not to burn the wood.
  • Regular inspection and monitoring. Do this few months after treating the termites in your house. Observe for recurrences and note all nesting grounds previously identified. Check all crafts and parts of the house that are made from timber.
  • House modification and maintenance. You can have alterations to design and layout by removing or having less timber for your house as the last alternative to your termite problem. But if this is not possible, just maintain your vigilance for any termite outbreak and treat it early and fast. You can even use treated woods to replace old ones that are infested with termites.

Dealing with termites should not be taken lightly. Remember that it’s your own house not theirs. So as forcibly as you can, drive out these unwanted guests and be vigilant that they would not return. Bear in mind that taking care of your own house means serious business.


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