How To Trim a Butterfly Bush

Also known as Buddleja (which is often misspelled as “Buddleia”), a butterfly bush is a type of flowering plant that has over a hundred species all around the world. It is mostly a shrub that grows up to five feet tall with occasional trees. Due to its sweet nectar, it is famous for attracting a lot of butterflies hence, the name butterfly bush was born. The overall appearance and structure of these plants made it perfect for all kinds of butterflies to sit and sip their way through from flower to flower regardless how small or big they may be. It has a narrow branch that produces small, bud-like flowers in clusters and during rainfall. It tends to grow extra branches on the sides that cause it to droop excessively on your flowerbed. If you let it loll over your ground, it might not look too neat and tidy. Too much weight may also cause it to snap. That is why it is very important that you know how to properly trim a butterfly bush. This way, you can maintain a perfectly clean shrub at all times. So what do you have to do to properly clip these pretty bushes? Read on to learn more.

  • Clean the place up. First, it is important that you start sweeping the area surrounding your butterfly bush. Sweep all the dead leaves, shriveled twigs and the like. This way, it is easier for you to determine the overall shape and appearance of your butterfly bush.
  • Shape the bush. Start forming it into your preferred shape. You do not need to be exact about the size and all. Just roughly cut the leaves and a couple of branches until you get the shape that you are looking for. Make sure that you start doing this during springtime. This will ensure that the growth of the bush will follow through the shape that you just did.
  • Deadhead regularly! Through the months of July, August and September, get rid of all spent flowers. Also called deadheading, this will help the branches give way to new and healthier flowers as the season passes by.
  • Trim it back. Right before winter (around the month of November), clip the bush for at least one foot to four feet high. It really depends on how much snow that you are getting. The lesser the snow, the smaller the length cut. Make sure that you put a protective sheath over the shrubs.

It is crucial that you always wear protective gears such as gloves and gardening overalls to keep yourself from getting injured while trimming these bushes. The pruning tool that you are going to use should be something that you are very comfortable with. The safest one is the bypass pruner. Not only that it is small but it is also gentle enough not to crush any of the main branches. Buddleja bushes are quite sturdy and they always grow back in groups of branches. So do not hesitate to cut branches that are three to five feet long. Now what are you waiting for? Just follow these very simple steps and start pruning your way to success. Good luck and have fun!


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