How To Turn Curtains into Valances

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Have you noticed that some houses with curtains look more elegant than yours, even though you know very well that your curtains are more expensive than theirs? No, it is not the price or thickness of the curtain that makes window elegant looking. What you lack are valances.

Houses with curtains look beautiful, but with valances, a simple, curtained room becomes elegant and classy. Valances are draperies that are used to conceal the top of curtains in a decorative way. If you are a curtain lover, then you must have a large collection of curtains, which are stored up in the attic. Do not buy valances anymore, make them instead. No, you do not need needles and thread for this project because you will not be doing any sewing. You do not even have to cut the curtains into pieces. All you need are old curtains and clip rings. If you have curtains with damage at the hem or at the middle, you can still use them for this project.

Read on and find out how to turn curtains into valances :

  1. Judging by your window, determine the length of your valances. Normally, the length of valances ranges from fourteen inches to twenty-two inches.
  2. Prepare the clip rings. If your window width is up to thirty-six inches, then you will be using three to four pieces of clip rings. The wider the window, the more clip rings you will need.
  3. Take down the curtain. Put aside the curtain rod, you will put it back later.
  4. Turn over the curtain so the back of the curtain, or the wrong side, is facing you. Spread out the curtain across the floor. It is better to work on the floor than on a table, unless you have one as wide and long as the curtain.
  5. Determine the length of your curtain and the how long you want your valances to be. For example, you want your valance to be twelve inches. If your curtain is eighty-four inches, then you have to fold the curtain seven times to have a twelve-inch valance.
  6. Start folding the curtain based on the length of the valance. Fold it beginning from bottom going upwards.
  7. Now secure the top of the curtain with clip rings. Use as many clip rings as you would like for the valances, but do not make the in-betweens too narrow. Make sure you that you have clipped all the layers of the curtain, because if you don't, the curtain will unfold when you hang it up.
  8. Insert the curtain rod into the rings of the valance. You can now hang it back to its original position.

See? No need to invest in expensive valances and curtains to get than elegant and classy look. No need for sewing skills at all. You can always use your old and new curtains alternately as valances. Keep the damaged curtains and use them as valences too, just keep the damaged area under the fold to conceal it.


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