How To Turn Mardi Gras Beads into Stars

You've spent Mardi Gras flinging around beads and drinks, only to wake up the next day wondering what you could possibly do with all those colorful strings. Making Mardi gras beads into stars is an easy way to recycle those plastic party favors into decorations for home or your next party. There are two simple variations of Mardi Gras bead stars: hanging decorations, and melted adornments for bowls or other dishes.

In order to create your hanging Mardi Gras bead stars, you will need Mardi Gras beads, ribbon, a ruler, and wire. Make sure the wire is no thicker than the hole in the beads.

To begin, snip the string of Mardi Gras beads. Remove the beads from the string and set them aside.

Now it is time to measure the wire. Make sure the star stencil you chose is the exact size you wish your Mardi Gras hanging stars to be. Measure the length of each line of the star with your ruler and add these measurements to get a total length of wire required. Measure out that amount of wire and cut it.

Bend two or three inches of one end of the wire so that they are parallel to the rest of the length of wire. This ensures that when you string the beads they will not fall off. String the beads onto the wire in any pattern or color arrangement. Once the wire is full, bend the second end of the string to match the first in order to secure your beads.

Using the stencil as a guide, bend the wire into the shape of the star. Make sure to tuck the ends of the wire behind the finished star. Cut a length of ribbon and tie it to the top point of your star. Attach the ribbon to any surface from which you want to hang your Mardi Gras bead star. Repeat this process with all your beads until you have enough stars to complete your decoration.

To decorate your bowl or dish with Mardi Gras bead stars, you will need the beads, an oven, foil, a cookie sheet, the dish you wish to decorate, super glue, and star shaped cookie cutters. You will need to cut the strings and collect the loose beads in a separate dish.

Line your cookie sheet with foil. Place the cookie cutters on the foil and pour in the loose beads so that there is an even layer with no gaps. Heat the beads at 350 degrees for 10 minutes, or until they are melted. Remove the cookie sheet from the oven and let them cool overnight. Once cool, apply light pressure to the melted beads until the star cookie cutter pops loose. Using super glue, adhere the star shapes to your bowl.


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