How To Turn Your Bedroom into a Love Den

Add the sensual back to your personal space. When the bedroom starts to get cluttered with clothes and gym equipment or it just doesn't feel sexy any longer, consider stepping it up. Turn your bedroom into a love den and rekindle your romance by following these steps.

  1. Make the bed the center of attention. Get the laundry and clutter off the bed and put away where it belongs. For your bedroom to be a love den, the bed must take center stage. So start cleaning and get rid of anything that doesn't belong in the room and that doesn't enhance the romantic mood. This might include the television unless videos play a part in your romantic activities.
  2. Choose soft and sensual bedding. Get rid of the old cotton blend sheets and go for something more sensual. Choose a sateen finish, t-shirt style or Egyptian cotton with a high thread count. Don't try to save on the bedding. Spend whatever you can afford for the softest sheets and duvet that are perfect for cuddling after a night of love.
  3. Gather silk scarves. Silk scarves are an accessory that every love den can use. They might come in handy to tie a lover to the bedposts or to add some sensual detail. The color and feel of silk can come in handy for your décor and your intimacy.
  4. Add lots of pillows. Pillows and cozy cushions are perfect for lounging and experimenting with interesting positions so toss a few onto the bed on the floor in a corner. The cushions will be handy when you need them and complement the bedroom décor.
  5. Candles set the mood for romance. Once the bed is taken care of, the love den could use some atmosphere and romance. Choose a collection of candles in various sizes for lighting and scent. Candles are a great source of romantic light but can be even better suited to providing a sensual scent for your bedroom. Choose a warm and sensual scent such as ylang ylang, jasmine or sandalwood. Avoid anything too floral or perfumed as it will turn off almost any member of the male species. Instead choose a natural or mild aroma and stick with a single scent in all the candles or make some of the candles unscented so that the smell doesn't overwhelm the mood of the room.
  6. Offer music options. Music adds sensuality for many people. Consider the guest(s) you plan to entertain in your new love den. Have a CD player in a discreet corner of the room with a selection of jazz, new age or classical music and any other selections that suit your lover's mood.
  7. Add some daring elements. No love den is complete without a bit of daring. Consider some mirrors on the wall for a sensuous view. Take a look at your goody drawer as well. Is it stocked with condoms, massage oil and toys? If not, your love den may be lacking. Stock up on toys and mood enhancers that you can both enjoy.
  8. Turn down the lights and enjoy. The room is ready. All you need now is to turn down the lights, light the candles and lure your partner into bed.

The power and romance of a love den cannot be understated. With a few simple steps and accessories you can make any bedroom a love den to share.


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