How To Use a Flame Weeder

One of the most reliable tools that a gardener could have is a flame weeder. It is useful for reducing weed seedlings within beds and rows, on drives and pathways. There are tow types of flame weeders: the weed wand type with burning canister or bottled gas, and the paraffin fierce weeder. The weed wand type has a plain tube with an ignition button and a flow control knob connected to a gas canister at the end of the handle. The flame on this device is little, secure and simple to use. This is useful for spot weeding, paving, weeding against the wall, along small paths with rocks and in taking care of greenhouses to in keeping off the grass. The paraffin fierce weeder has a paraffin tank, regulator, pressure gauge, a hand pump, a tank handle, fuel pipe and a burner, among other things. While there are a lot of parts, it is easy to assemble. It works for larger areas and one must be extra careful in using it. Here are the ways on how to use a flame weeder.

  • Timing is everything. Use a flame weeder after a rain, after watering your garden and when it is not windy.
  • Put on some pants, closed shoes, long sleeved shirt, and gloves. Fasten the weeder nozzle and hose to the propane tank. Follow the instructions in your flame weeder manual.
  • Have your garden hose nearby and turn it on. You may need it for emergencies.
  • Turn on the flame weeder and regulate the nozzle to produce a low flame. Slowly go by the flame a three to six inches above the weeds, stopping a few seconds after every weed. These will get the weeds hot enough. Check by pressing your fingers on the weeds. If you see your fingerprint, you are good, if not, go by the weeds a few more seconds. Or you would see signs of sagging of the weeds to indicate that the heat is enough.
  • Running a flame weeder over the stale beds of slow germinating crops just before seedling come spurting on the ground would keep the bed weed-free. Move the flame weeder slowly down the row above the bed. Do not do this step if the weeds are wet, for it would be heated more slowly.
  • Weeds that have been flamed would droop within a few hours. Do some flaming every few weeks on younger plants during spring time to kill weed seedlings.
  • Do not use the flame weeder on flammable surfaces. Check for fire bans in dry areas.

Using flame weeders can cut your time in bending and hand-weeding your yard any given day. It is a great alternative to using herbicides. Flame weeders are also useful in killing pests and diseases. If you are going to use the paraffin fierce weeder, make sure to have a hood handy, too. It would help you in controlling the flame. The hood and other accessories are available on hardware stores and online. 


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