How To Use a Floor Polisher

Nowadays, making your floors shiny isn't that much of a hassle. As long as you know how to use the floor polisher, you can save some time and effort. The floor polisher is an electric machine used in home and commercial establishments. It is a scrubber, a cleaner, a waxer and sweeper, all in one that makes your floor shiny and clean. It can even make your wood floors shine. Your floor polishing experience won't be disastrous if you know how to use it. The disadvantage of floor polishers is that they are very heavy and they can run off and go in different directions, which happens if you do not hold it firmly. You just need to be careful and follow the instructions and directions written below.

You have to know that what determines the machine's direction is the placement of the handle. It takes some practice to properly use the machine. Here's how to use a floor polisher.

  1. First, lock the handle in an upright position. Then, on the hard surface, lay the polisher back. Hold the floor polisher handle lower about the position of your waist. Then, lock it in. You can now install the brush and then position the machine upright again. Then, it's the time to plug it in.
  2. Lower your hands to your waist and position the floor polisher at that place. You can then balance the machine on the brush. At this moment, you can now turn the polisher on. After that, you are ready to polish the floor.
  3. You can start polishing the floor at the back wall and then you can go backwards until you meet the center of the place you want to polish. To go left, lower the handle, then you can lift it up to go to the right direction. Then, if you want to control your floor polisher to stop, lift the handle and then let go of it.
  4. You can do this until all of the parts of your room are polished. When you get the desired shine you want, you are done.
  5. You can turn off the machine now. Do not forget to unplug the floor polisher from the power socket. Remove the brush and clean it up. When you are done cleaning the brush, you can wind the power cord up again and store the machine in a secure place.

Here are some additional tips that you may want to consider. First, check the brush regularly, before and after using it. Make sure that it works out properly and conveniently. During cleaning, if you think that it needs changing, turn the floor polisher off and unplug the machine first. This will prevent you from getting electrocuted and prevent any accident to take place. To prevent any accident from happening, regularly check and monitor the main cables, handles and controls of your floor polisher. You should also check its housing for any damage.


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