How To Use a Gas Engine Leaf Blower

A leaf blower is one of the most versatile tools for your home. Aside from clearing your yard of leaves, the machine can also serve as a powerful sweeper for your driveway as well as a snow clearer during winter. For most people, a gas engine leaf blower is more preferable, given the wide range of choices available in terms of size, weight and power. A gas engine leaf blower is also more powerful than the electrically powered variety and imposes fewer restrictions on the movement of the user.

Generally, there are three things to consider in choosing the right type of leaf blower - weight, power and difficulty of use. No matter which model you use, there are basic guidelines to follow in operating a gas engine leaf blower.

  • Dress appropriately. Make sure that you have protective goggles and gloves. You need to cover up as much as possible to prevent minor injuries caused by strain or flying debris. Never forget to wear ear protection since the machine makes a lot of noise that can impair hearing.
  • Prepare the spot where you will gather the debris.  Laying a tarp or digging a ditch on the ground guides the direction your leaf blowing. Preparing a spot makes piling and picking up the leaves easier for mulching or bagging.  
  • Inspect the gas level before using the blower. Most gas engine leaf blowers come with a fuel level marker at the side. If not, inspect by opening the fuel cap.  Make sure that the blower is filled up before using.  Generally, a gas engine leaf blower uses a mixture of 2-cycle oil and gas. For any specifics, always consult the user manual before proceeding.
  • Begin from the periphery of the space to be cleaned.  Do not start with hefty piles of leaves or debris. Most leaf blowers struggle with moving large heaps which will then require the user to exert more effort. Optimize your energy by beginning blowing at the edges where there are normally less materials to move.
  • Position yourself before turning on the blower. Make sure you have a good handle on the blower. Position your feet flatly on the ground and ascertain your balance. A gas engine leaf blower exerts enough power to jolt the user out of balance.
  • Turn the blower on. Pull the starter chord or press the primer button. Keep the far end of the blower near the ground as you swing the nozzle back and forth on each side. Maintain a slow and stable pace to ascertain that all the leaves and debris are effectively removed before proceeding. Optimize the use of the machine by blowing along direction of the wind. 
  • Clean and store properly after use. Check the air filter and remove any debris that might be caught inside the blower. Always allow the blower to cool before storing. It is best to store in cool dry place as humidity and moisture can damage the machine.

Always use your blower with consideration. However convenient for you, the noise produced by the machine can be disruptive to your neighbors. Keeping your blowing time at a minimum and avoiding use in the presence of other are simple ways to do this.


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