How To Use a Lever Corkscrew

You have the perfect bottle of wine for the perfect evening with your special someone.  You did not notice that the bottle did not have a screw cap but was instead equipped with a very fancy and stylish cork.  Now you have to find a way to extract that cork from the bottle.  You could use a knife, but that is dangerous - not to mention ineffective in most attempts.  That old adage "You could put an eye out with that" comes to mind.

There are many different types of corkscrews on the market.  If you have the wish to have a lever corkscrew there are also varieties of these, such as the screw pull and rabbit styles.  All corkscrews have the same primary function, which is to remove a cork from a bottle.  Since there are so many different types of lever corkscrews there are different methods by which you will extract the cork from the bottle.

The first thing to know about a corkscrew is that it is sharp.  It will go right through the cork and leave a hole in it.  Be aware of this and do not penetrate the screw all the way through the cork if you intend to close the bottle back up using the cork, as it will leak.  There are substitute plugs that can be purchased just in case this occurs.  When putting the screw into the cork, be sure you direct it straight down; otherwise, the cork may be damaged and break off leaving a very difficult to open bottle.

After you insert the screw into the cork, then slowly lower the lever or levers (depending on your choice of corkscrew) straight down to force the extraction of the cork from the bottle.  If you have a single lever corkscrew then be sure to clamp the machine on the edge of the bottle to ensure proper leverage for pulling the cork straight out from the opening.

Regardless of which lever corkscrew you choose, you will find a great deal of ease in removing the cork from the bottle and inflicting much less stress on the cork or on your own body.  The lever is intended to work as any other lever, reducing the amount of effort needed on your part.  Also, it will eliminate the projectile champagne cork which has delighted or damaged so many observers.

Now your bottle of wine is open and ready.  Enjoy! 


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