How To Use a Paint Spray Machine

Applying new paint for your walls or roof? Use a paint spray machine. You can easily cover more mileage than using a paintbrush. Aside from that, you can add art into your design with the use of spray. But before you start spraying, do not forget to cover your furniture with plastic if you are spraying inside. You may use masking tape and newspapers for the windows and chandeliers too. If you are painting outside, better cover your car and your fence including your neighbor’s car or anything that may be close to your target area. Most of all cover yourself. As much as possible, cover your exposed skin. Better yet, wear a suit that covers the whole body that is specially made for spray painting. And protect yourself from the fumes and the bits of paint, not just with a thin, cloth gas mask, but also with a respirator. It is bad enough to inhale fumes of fresh paint, and inhaling paint itself is even worse. As you spray, make single or thin coats only. It is better to thicken the coat than to try fixing drips and runs of paint along the wall or fence.

To achieve the output you really want for your wall, fence or roof, be sure to know how to use a paint spray machine. Here are the instructions on how to use one:

  • Know the knobs and buttons and the purpose of each. Familiarize yourself with the on and off button, the spray and priming button and the pressure adjustment knob. Once you know which does what, you may start using the paint spray machine.
  • Fill a bucket with paint. Then place the spray machine’s tip inside the bucket.
  • Get your priming hose out of the bucket of paint. Point it towards the floor or ground. Remember not to point the hose towards anybody. Hit the power on button and set your button to prime.
  • Slowly increase the pressure by turning down the knob. You will see water and paint coming out of the priming hose. Wait until only pure paint comes out thoroughly, and then you are good to go.
  • Switch the button to spray. Turn down the pressure knob just to make sure you have enough spray for the spray gun.
  • To use the spray gun, squeeze the handle. Make sure you are not pointing the gun at anybody.
  • In case the spray gun gets clogged, twist the spray tip one hundred eighty degrees. Squeeze the handle. This will unclog the gun. Then twist back the spray gun’s tip one hundred eighty degrees and squeeze the handle so you can continue spraying.

Do not point the gun at anybody’s face or skin. Treat it as a real gun, dangerous. When the spray gun is triggered, the paint travels at a very high speed that can puncture your skin and enter your blood stream that is bad for your organs. If this happens, proceed to the nearest hospital as soon as possible to get professional treatment.


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