How To Use a Pool Vacuum

Having a pool requires maintenance. This includes scooping the leaves out of the pool, scrubbing off the algae and cleaning the pool of debris or any unwanted things that can rot and/or make the pool unclear and alter the chemical levels of the water. To get these all done easily, a pool vacuum is created. Vacuuming the pool is a good way to clean not just the bottom or the top but also the sides of the pool. But before you begin vacuuming the pool, you have to assemble the tool first.

For those who have not experienced vacuuming a pool, here are the steps:

  • Start assembling the pool vacuum by connecting the extension pole to the slot at the back of the vacuum head.
  • Throw the entire vacuum hose into the water and disentangle it. Get one end of the hose and plug the hose into the connection at the top of the vacuum head.
  • Carry your vacuum and place it on the second step or third step in the pool. Before you leave it there, make sure it will not float away so secure the extension pole.
  • Take the other end of the vacuum hose while untangling the rest of the hose’s body. The length of your vacuum hose should be long enough to cover the whole area of your pool.
  • Pop the skimmer out and remove the basket.
  • Then plunge the end of the vacuum hose that you’re holding into the pool over the return at the back of the skimmer and fill it with pool water. Doing this will prevent an air-lock inside the hose. You will see bubbles emerging from the vacuum head, which is placed in the pool.
  • When the bubbles are gone, you can plug your end of the vacuum hose into the hole at the bottom of the skimmer. You may need an adaptor for this so you must prepare one.
  • Now that you are ready to start vacuuming the pool, use the pole to make the vacuum go over the top, sides and bottom of the pool to suck debris, leaves and other garbage in the pool.
  • If a part of your pool has plenty of debris or leaves, carefully steer your vacuum towards it so you will not disturb the water because it will only spread them out. Turn the filter system to waste then start the pump. Switching the filter system to waste will deposit the debris and leaves to the waste post of the valve head. When you are done, you may turn off the pump.

After vacuuming the pool, disassemble the parts and rinse them with a hose. Use fresh water to remove dirt and algae, which may have clung to the vacuum, hose and pole. Maintaining the parts clean will also protect your pool from contamination in the future. Remember to keep the parts out of direct sunlight, particularly the hose, as this can be sensitive to ultraviolet rays.


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